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Comparing Top 3 Hosting Solutions


With technological advancement and the growing demand for hosting services, the hosting world has seen a rise in hosting options with different characteristics and features. Top of these hosting options is VPS Hosting, Cloud Dedicated Hosting, and the VMware Private Cloud. Many IT specialists looking for hosting services get overwhelmed by these three solutions, not knowing the better one to pick. Are there differences between these hosting options? There are differences between VPS vs Cloud and the VMware Private hosting to look into before settling for one. This article will discuss all the three options, what they are, and their differences. Read on.

VPS Hosting

The term VPS refers to Virtual Private Server. The virtual part means you get a virtual instance working on the parent server, and you don’t own the physical server. Private on the VPN means that you own the virtual server without sharing with other parties. The server is the machine or computer providing the hosting services. This hosting means having a virtually controlled, private hosting system with your resources and doesn’t affect or get affected by other parties. Its advantages are that it provides root access, offers single tenancy, secure hosting, easy to scale, and offers automatic and fast deployment.

Cloud Dedicated Hosting

With a cloud dedicated hosting, you get issued a virtual layer on top of a cloud dedicated server. With cloud dedicated hosting, you enjoy scalable functions in a virtual environment, enabling you to use all the resources. The hosting runs on cloud storage and can be scaled anytime without worrying about space, and its downtime during an upgrade is minimal. Its advantages include the provision of root access necessary for configuration, offers single-tenancy, and it’s easy scalability. You can scale it down to a VPS server when having few resources and when working on a low budget.

VMware Private Cloud

VMware private cloud is a hosting service powered by VMware to enjoy more power, performance, and security to the hosting package. This cloud hosting offers you the ability to reconfigure, optimize, and scale your services on the go. In the private cloud environment, you can move power and storage quickly between the dedicated virtual machines. You can also combine computing power in shared pools, which automatically partitions according to your needs. Its advantages are that it offers complete system control, has predictable billing, and offers the best hosting customization.

Differences between VPS, Cloud Dedicated, and VMware Private Cloud Hosting

According to Joe Oesterling, Chief Technology Officer at Liquid Web, “..there are three main differences between the VPS vs Cloud dedicated hosting and the VMware private cloud hosting.” These include:

1. Configurations

With VPS hosting, you only enjoy limited configurations, and you will have to choose whatever is provided by the hosting company. Cloud dedicated hosting has fewer limits, while VMware hosting service provides no limits to your hosting needs.

2. Pricing

The VMware offers a predictable bill, enabling you to plan your hosting budget, while the VPS and the cloud dedicated hosting offers varying costs. However, when it comes to the overall cost, VMware hosting service is a bit expensive.

3. Customization

The VMware offers complete customization of your hosting needs as compared to the VPS and the dedicated hosting. With the VPS hosting, you can get into trouble if the parent server’s hardware runs into issues. This malfunction negatively affects your hosting needs.

VMware Private Cloud, Cloud Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting solutions offer cloud hosting solutions to help any business scale to greater heights. Each has its Pros and Cons, and it will depend on your needs, preferences, and budget when choosing them.

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