Windows VPS vs. Linux VPS

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a VM that runs a replica of a physical computer’s operating system in its own right. It is sold as a service by a service provider for Internet hosting. It functions independently of other simulated spaces on the same computer. VPS hosting is the favorite option for people who want more resources and power for their website, and who want to post from a shared hosting service.

Let’s have a comparison of Windows VPS and Linux VPS


Every customer expects a consistent and fast user experience from the websites he visits in the modern digital world. Note, if it takes longer than a few seconds to load it does not wish to remain on your website.

Choose a VPS operating system that provides you with improved results according to your particular specifications. Compare the performance of VPS and Windows operating systems Learn more


Linux is specifically built for use of Safe Remote Login (SSH). VPS is completely controlled by the command line. Linux is less resource-hungry compared to Windows VPS, you would not have to call for a daily boot even though the website load is heavy..


One of the big problems with Windows VPS is that for any small patch you will need to restart. If you are downloading a driver or merely upgrading a program. Since Windows hosting uses the Graphical User Interface, additional resources could be required if not properly configured.


If pricing is your primary concern, you must read this section.


Another large contrast is the expense of the two modes of VPS hosting. As we said above it takes no license cost to Linux as an open-source framework Learn more


Windows, on the other hand, is the commercial Microsoft operating system. The license fees are high. In addition, their servers are equipped to execute high price specialist functions.

People with a small budget should use the Linux server because the characteristics are almost identical but affordable and it is pretty easy to find cheap Linux VPS hosts for reliable services.

Server Access 

So that you can have better control over your websites and the various sections, it is important that you are being given sufficient server access.


You can use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on both Windows and Linux VPS, but only on Linux if you are checking for SSH or telnet. You can have complete server connectivity for most Linux-based VPS providers. In all their VPS plans for example has full root access.


As we said, FTP support is accessible but you will not get SSH access.

Control Panel

You can personalize and monitor multiple configurations and functionalities on your site using the control panel. Some of the most common control panels include cPanel, vDesk, Plesk, Parallels, and others. Various dashboards are seen on the Windows and Debian VPS servers.


You get cPanel or Web Host Manager for most Linux-based VPS hosting (WHM).


You should use Plesk on Windows VPS, which is called user-friendly.

Ease of Use

In general, it depends on your technological skills. Yet it feels much user-friendliness to Windows VPS host. Let’s hear how. Let’s figure out how.


It seems to be not suitable for newbies, although most website owners with solid engineering knowledge say that Linux is simpler for use as it provides a cPanel management platform.


Newbies would find it better than the Linux operating system because Windows VPS hosting uses a graphical user interface (GUI).


Scalability helps you to accommodate the workload without upgrading to a premium package. Without losing efficiency, you can comfortably handle a sudden workload.


With most Linux VPS servers, you get a 100% uptime guarantee. Moreover, if you have applications running on PERL, Python or a similar platform, you will find Linux VPS the best option for you.


Though not all Windows servers come with a 100 percent uptime guarantee, it should be a good choice for you if you are working on, PHP, etc..

Our Recommendation

Choosing your VPS hosting operating system can influence how you handle your VPS, the workflow, and the costs involved. Each of the operating systems has its own advantages and drawbacks that rely on how you handle VPS. Choose between Windows and Linux VPS hosting carefully as you hunt for a VPS hosting provider. If your PERL, Python, or Ruby programs are running, then Linux should be the default option.

However, Windows is the way to enable the developers to work with or PHP. VPS is ideal for users who need autonomy and server access. It all depends on the choice between Windows and Linux, since they are both strong and depend on individual preferences, software environment, and budget.

Getting a fantastic server, a very key tip, is no point where you don’t invest in any successful SEO approach to boosting our traffic or generating excellent growth on your Web pages.

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