The YouTube verification badge is more than just a symbol. It’s a mark of approval and success. It signals to viewers that your channel is the genuine presence of the creator, brand, or entity it represents.

Considering the increased importance of authenticity over the years, getting this badge becomes a crucial step to establishinga strong presence on YouTube. This badge can differentiate you from impersonators. Even though you might not think it is so important, getting it will elevate your credibility.

Eligibility Criteria to Get a YouTube Verification Badge

YouTube sets forth specific criteria for channel verification. To be considered, your channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers. This benchmark ensures that only dedicated creators and brands that have built a sizable audience get recognized.

While subscriber count holds significance, it’s not the sole factor of consideration. YouTube evaluates the quality of a channel’s content as well as its compliance with community guidelines. This thorough approach guarantees that the badge is bestowed upon channels that not only boast significant follower numbers but also make meaningful contributions to the community.

Application Process

Once you’ve hit the subscriber milestone, the path to verification begins you can visit to understand better the journey. Interestingly, the process isn’t as bureaucratic as one might think. YouTube periodically reviews channels that are close to or have surpassed the subscriber threshold. If you’re eligible, you’ll be notified through your channel’s dashboard, where you can submit a verification request.

This process isn’t just about hitting a “submit” button and waiting. It’s a testament to your channel’s impact and your dedication as a creator. In some cases, if you believe your channel is of significant importance but hasn’t hit the subscriber mark, you can reach out directly to YouTube for consideration. This path is more unconventional, yet it highlights YouTube’s willingness to acknowledge varied and significant content.

1. Go to YouTube Support Page

Head over to the YouTube Support Page to uncover the essentials of channel verification. This is your first step towards understanding what YouTube requires for verification. Make sure your videos clearly display your channel ID.

2. Check Your Eligibility

Securing the coveted verification badge means you’ll need to align with YouTube’s eligibility standards. If you’re not there yet, the site will guide you on how to become eligible. Once you meet these standards, you’re ready to fill in the verification form with your channel’s name and ID.

3. Apply for Verification

With all criteria met, hit the ‘Submit’ button on the form. This action sends your application off to the YouTube team for evaluation.

4. Patiently Wait for Review

The review process by YouTube’s team might take a couple of weeks. It’s a waiting game from here.

Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Your Verification Badge

Achieving the coveted badge is a milestone, but the journey doesn’t end there. Here are some tips to help you get and keep your YouTube verification badge:

1. Focus on Quality Content: Your content is your voice. Make it resonate with your audience by providing value, whether it’s through entertainment, education, or inspiration.
2. Engage with Your Community: Building a strong connection with your audience can turn viewers into loyal YouTube subscribers. Engage with them through comments, live streams, and social media.
3. Stay Active: Regularly uploading content keeps your channel dynamic and engaging. It shows your commitment to your audience and to YouTube as a platform.
4. Adhere to Community Guidelines: YouTube values a safe and respectful community. Ensure your content complies with their guidelines to avoid strikes that could jeopardize your verification status.


How long does it take to get verified on YouTube?

The review process can take several weeks. Patience is key, as YouTube meticulously reviews each application to ensure that badges are awarded rightfully.

Can I lose my YouTube verification badge?

Yes, if you change your channel name or violate YouTube’s community guidelines, you risk losing your badge. It’s crucial to adhere to the rules and maintain the essence of your channel.

Does having a verification badge affect my channel’s visibility?

Directly, obtaining a YouTube verification badge does not automatically increase your subscriber count or engagement rates. However, the presence of this badge significantly boosts your channel’s credibility and authenticity in the eyes of viewers. This enhanced perception can indirectly influence potential subscribers’ decisions to engage with your content more positively, leading to increased views, likes, and subscriptions over time.

Is the subscriber count the only criterion for verification?

While it’s a significant factor, YouTube also considers the channel’s impact, authenticity, and adherence to community guidelines. Exceptional cases might be considered even if the subscriber count is below the threshold.


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