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Muhammad Zain Zaheer Bhatti – Owner / Admin

Contact: [email protected] gmail.com | Twitter: @zainzaheer06 |  Ph: +92-335-4646825

I have always been a free personality and like to fly from one place to another, to explore more and more. Moreover, this passion and craze of traveling gave me a chance to report a section for the best news associations. Last but not least, I am presently working full-time as an owner of the Latest News Updates category.

This site is owned and operated by Muhammad Zain Zaheer.

Adam Sid – TechGeek and Journalis

My Name is Adam Sid and I am also the main source from the ‘technoroll.org’ of all the exclusive and most delicate visualization of the activities in the industrial classification. My first step towards this journey was taken in the very early years of my life. I started with an independent financial consultant. However, I only had almost 5 years of skills and experience in this market.

Follow me on Twitter for more, https://[email protected]

Zid Bay –  Eyeing on Tech Trends

I am Zid Bay I have done my bachelor’s in English literature, and further on I did my master’s in Information technology. My most preferred genre of writing is Technology and Energy. I have been writing from the past 5 years about articles, web content, and blogs. In my career and education, I like to play along with work. I have also been a teacher in the past for 2 years. I use to teach business and technical writing is a very famous university. However, most recently I am working as an instructor, designer, and training writer. I enjoy socializing a lot. I am a very big extrovert when it comes to nature. Apart from all this, I enjoy exploring the world and traveling makes me happy.

Follow me on Twitter, https://twitter.com/zidbaytech