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How to Hack Your TV Budget?


We cannot deny that the prices of Cable TV are going up every single day because of the demand. If you too are worried about your bills getting higher and you are so frustrated, don’t worry. We will tell you some hacks through which you can save some bucks every month. When we get a service, we usually do not ask about all the charges and features that we will be getting. There are many things which you don’t even need but those things are just added to the package. There are multiple ways through which you can reduce your cable TV bill.

Check your cable TV bill

If you are looking to reduce your bill, the first thing that you should check is your cable TV bill. This way you will find out what you are getting and how much you are getting for each service provided to you by the company. You should know how much you are paying for cable boxes and if you are getting charged for extra service like DVR which you don’t even need. Before you reach out to your cable company, make sure you check your past few cable TV bills.

List down channels

List down all the channels that you want in your package and see what other channels you are getting. All the companies charge extra for the premium channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. You can lower your cable bill by downsizing your cable package. Cut back on premium channels and your bill will go down. If there is a show on HBO which you love to watch, you can just add HBO or any other channel that you like to watch.

Additional cable boxes

All the companies charge extra for each cable box per month. If you think that there is an additional cable box that you don’t even need, you can return that back and can save some bucks. If you have a smart TV, you don’t even need a cable box for that. There are many cable companies like Spectrum that provide Spectrum TV app to their customers. You can just log in with your credentials on your smart device and can watch your favorite show anywhere, anytime and there will be no extra charges for that. So if you usually watch your favorite shows on your tablet or smartphone, you can return your cable box and can save it every month.

Cancel DVR service

DVR service is just an additional service that we don’t even use a lot. If you are worried about the show that you have missed because you were busy, you can watch it the next day on-demand. Paying for DVR service is not worth it if you are on a low budget. By canceling the DVR service, you will be saving around $10 per month.

Switch to streaming service

If you are not a big fan of cable but some people at your house like to watch TV shows, you can switch to streaming services and can save a very good amount of money as there will be no charges for the cable box and that too with no additional taxes and surcharges like broadcast fee. Many people are switching to streaming services and you can even ask your cable company about the streaming service or you can get a subscription to streaming platforms like Netflix, Youtube TV, etc.

Check bundles

Living in a world without an internet connection is impossible these days as you do pretty much everything on the internet. Try bundling your cable TV service with the internet and see how much you can save on both. The more you bundle, the more you save. If you are getting internet service with one provider and cable TV service with another provider, you are paying a lot of extra money every month. Check bundles and compare the prices and see which is the most suitable option for you. Don’t get anything extra, just get what you need. If you decide to bundle your cable service with the internet service, the best part is that you will not be just getting a discount on your cable TV service, you will be getting a discount on your internet service as well and you might able to get a promotional price with a price lock-in of a year.

Summing it up

Follow the above steps and see how much you can save on your cable TV bill every month. If you are still not satisfied, check other cable companies available in your area and see what they are offering. If you think that switching to another cable company can save you some bucks every month. Research the other options and then make a decision which suits you the best.

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