Top 16 Services to Buy Instagram Likes for Better Engagement

The number of likes on your account matters, since it shows how engaging your content is. If you have a lot of likes, people who are just browsing will be more inclined to watch your videos and perhaps follow you.

A high level of engagement via likes, views, and comments matters for another reason, too. It tells the Instagram algorithms that your content is popular, and the algorithms are programmed to reward popular videos (and photos) with larger audiences.

That means purchasing IG likes can make a huge difference to your visibility and engagement. However, it’s important to buy your likes from a reputable platform that has affordable prices, fast delivery, excellent customer support – and most importantly only supplies real Instagram likes from real users of the app.

These are the 16 best sites to buy Instagram likes in 2024. Check them out below.


Twicsy is one of the best providers of Instagram likes. Since 2012, it has grown into a top IG provider with packages that start at just $1.47 for 50 likes and top off at a whopping 10,000 genuine Insta likes. You can also upgrade to premium likes, which are more powerful and beneficial for your account’s presence on the platform. Package prices are always affordable and in line with other high-end services.

There are two delivery options for Twicsy likes. You can choose to have them arrive instantly, or have them be dripped gradually over time. A great feature allows you to split the likes between posts without adding the whole lot to one post; you’ll also receive free video views with all likes packages.

No personal information, such as a password, is needed. All Twicsy requires is an email (to send you a receipt) and your IG username. The company’s ordering system is safe and secure, and customer support is available 24/7 to answer your questions whether they are related to billing, packages, or delivery concerns.

Twicsy is a long-time favorite of Instagram influencers, many of whom credit the provider with their success. They remain the best IG likes service, even after more than a decade in operation.


Buzzoid is another IG service that’s been successfully delivering real likes from real Instagram accounts since 2012. You can purchase as few as 50 likes for $1.47, perfect for content uploaded by new or small accounts, or purchase a larger package (they run as high as 10,000) for posts that are already popular on the app. Upgrades to premium likes are available for an extra charge and likes packages can be split between posts.

Buzzoid’s website is completely secure and easy to use, the ordering process takes less than 60 seconds, and your likes begin arriving on your posts seconds after you complete the order (unless you opt for slower delivery to make your engagements look more natural). An expert customer service team is reachable 24/7, whether you have a problem, a question, or want to place a custom order.

Buzzoid is another high-quality Instagram service that’s extremely popular with business account owners, and the growth their likes deliver is just about as strong as Twicsy’s.


Rushmax has just half the experience of the top two providers on this list, but they do a great job delivering affordable likes packages to help improve the visibility and popularity of your Instagram posts.

Packages ranging from 50 to 10,000 real likes are on the Rushmax menu, giving you an abundant choice of likes packs to match the size of your existing audience. Premium likes, which carry more weight with the IG algorithms, are available for an extra fee. You can choose to have the likes added slowly over time or instantly, and you can split packages between multiple posts.

The website is easy to use and ordering is a breeze; all personal information is fully protected and checkout takes just seconds to complete. Rushmax customer support is available day and night, making it easy to get information, advice, or help.

Rushmax is third on this list, but it’s a premium service that’s trustworthy and effective.


Instaport is the newest provider in our top four, but they’re almost as good as the other three. 50 to 10,000 real Instagram likes can be purchased at easy-to-handle prices and delivered in just minutes, and premium likes are also available for those who want interactions with extra power. All likes come from real IG users, never from bots.

The website is safe, transactions are secure, and customer support can be reached around the clock. InstaPort does everything well, and that’s how they’ve grown from a very small service to a highly respected, effective one in just a few years.

Other Real IG Likes Services

We can’t recommend these providers as strongly, since there are one or more areas where they could improve their services. All deliver legitimate IG likes, though, so you may want to look into them a bit further.

  • TheIGPros — There’s a lot to like about the IGPros, except for their surprisingly slow delivery.
  • Stairway to Influence — This is an excellent provider, but they charge more for their services than the market can justify.
  • Follower Flow — The audience and popularity growth aren’t as strong as we’d like, and delivery is a bit slow.
  • InstaShop — Some customers love InstaShop’s likes and results, others say they aren’t impressed at all.
  • Pulse Pixel — A budget option that’s not bad, but don’t expect to see the strong growth you’ll get from a top-ranked provider.
  • InstaMiracle — Everything from quality and prices, to support and results, is decidedly average.
  • Craft Comments — Moderate-quality, real likes keep your account safe but won’t send your posts’ popularity skyrocketing.
  • Lift Likes — User experience and support are terrific but the likes don’t have a huge impact, though.
  • Impact Insta — If they’d charged reasonable prices for their IG likes, they might have wound up in our top four.
  • Genius Gram — Geo-targeted likes don’t make a difference in your content’s exposure, but if you want them, this service sells them for big bucks.
  • Elite Insta — You can’t buy one-off likes packages; they only sell expensive monthly packages that are no bargain.
  • IGWinners: A very average service, but their real likes ensure you won’t lose your account for buying them.

Is There a Limit on How Many Likes I Can Buy?

No; it just depends on the maximum size of the packages your selected provider offers. You can certainly buy as many additional packages as you’d like. Just remember that you want your purchased engagements to look authentic, so the best idea is to balance the size of your likes packages with the size of your account.

Should I Keep Posting Content After New Likes Have Been Added?

Definitely. You need to keep people interested in your account to convince them to follow you, and help your content reach a larger audience. If you do not give your audience photos and videos that they want to see, and you don’t interact with users, your engagements and followers will gradually decrease.

Can Buying Likes Ruin My Reputation on Instagram?

Not if you are buying likes from real accounts, which keep your IG presence safe. The algorithms can detect fake interactions and will delete them quickly, which may affect the way you’re viewed by your followers. Instagram may penalize you or even deactivate your account for buying fake likes.


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