Is Destiny 2 Still Worth Playing

With the dawn of modern multiplayer games, various new titles were introduced to the people and Destiny 2 was one of them. All these years later the game still continues to amaze the fans and bring out new content in terms of updates, new challenges, and arenas being introduced into the game. 

If you are a new player then you are definitely going to miss out on some of the old game stuff and the explosive vastness which it once used to be. On the other hand, if you are an old Destiny 2 player, coming off from a long break then congrats a lot of new content is waiting for you.

Should You Be Playing Destiny 2?

The question of whether Destiny 2 is still worth playing or not is all about the perspective of the players and the current state of the game in terms of new content, updated challenges, advanced game mechanic, and other such factors. The game has changed hands in terms of developing studios but still, the quality of the gameplay and path it takes for introducing new content and storytelling remain immaculate.

At the same time, a lot of gamers are quitting games because they don’t have time to make routine activities such as Trials of Osiris and Vault of Glass, farm Vex Mythoclast each week, and still didn’t have it. Destiny 2 boost is the solution for them: boosters will complete the whole routine instead of them at a cheap price. Any carry can be done ASAP!

But if you find all of this a little too technical then the following are some of the reasons that you might find tempting and up to your taste;

Availability Of Rich Content In Terms Of Campaigns, Lore, Raids, And Modes

If you have a thing for playing game missions that are intense, filled with a compelling story, and offer the perfect amount of lore then Destiny 2 boost will not disappoint you. It has multiple paid levels and missions in terms of expansions which you would definitely find up to your liking as it offers the most amazing content a multiplayer game could deliver.

Even if players take a short break from Destiny 2 they always manage to come back because of the magnificent storytelling and extra content being added on a regular basis. You can share the fun of the game with your friends in PvEvP game mode and impressive matchmaking. However, if you are looking for some serious one-on-one sessions then crucible is great for that PvP fun. There are also 6 player raids available, something to consider if you want unbelievable fun with a multiplayer title. 

Destiny 2 Is Free To Play

If you are a beginner wanting to dive into the rich world of Destiny 2 then here is a piece of good news for you, the game is free to play. You can download it right now on your PC or console and start playing. Although the expansions come at a specific rate, because they have the richest content there is that is why there is a price to pay for these. 

It has everything that a beginner multiplayer title promises, it has got extremely gripping content, the latest weaponry adds above all an enchanted storyline that will get you hooked right from the beginning.

A Vibrant And Still Pretty Much Active Community

Destiny 2 is not like any other multiplayer title out there in terms of its online presence diminishing over time. It has still got a very active global community of dedicated players with about 50,000 players taking part in challenges and different in-game actions on a daily basis. 

This data is made available by Steam charts, the matchmaking is also pretty fast but it is the fun of playing with your friends which segregates this game from any other multiplayer title.

Cross-Save Is A Feature Missing From Other Multiplayer Titles

Destiny 2 is still a favorite of people because it continues to make an effort to introduce new and innovative content and impressive game mechanics making gameplay immersive for people. This is something no other multiplayer title is doing right now. 

A very significant feature of Destiny 2 boost which is cross saving allows you to save your progress on any device that you are playing, it could be a PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. All you have to do is just sign in to your Destiny 2 account on whatever device you want to play and pick right from where you left. 

Upcoming Season Updates Keep You Hooked For More

Destiny 2 is one of those multiplayer titles which continue to inspire its players and instill a sense of community in them by updating the content every quarterly. Every season brings with it new characters, new maps and arenas for you to explore, and many other aspects which add to the overall value of Destiny 2. So, boredom is out of the picture with Destiny 2. You would never run out of missions, quests, challenges, and things to do and explore either on your own or with a friend or two.

New Expansions Bring Newer Strategies And Content

You wouldn’t believe this but back in the day when Destiny 2 first came out it was not very well received by people in 2017. The developers had to rethink the whole thing and they managed to hit success by adding Forsaken expansion which brought people from a tiny subjective game to a broad explorative adventure. This sharply turned the scales in favor of the Density 2 boost and players were joining the adventure left and right with new sign-ups of the game-breaking records.

Seeing how improved the game became after the first expansion and the positive attitude of people towards it, Destiny 2 developers made it a regular thing. With every new expansion comes new and riveting content for the players, new game mechanics, and revised quests with enhanced gameplay. It is like you are still in the way of completing the last expansion but a new one gets stomped on your head, so one thing is true for Destiny 2 boosting and that is the mass availability of new content.

Final Thoughts

All this information presented above screams only one thing that Destiny 2 is far from over and becoming a thing of the past. It has something for everyone in its bag and that very characteristic makes this multiplayer game stand tall from other competitive titles. So, to answer the question of Destiny 2 is still worth playing in 2021? It most definitely is. 

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