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Outsourcing In Game Development: Is It Worth It?


Bungie co-founder, now at Industrial Toys, told that the outsourcing approach as follows: core game design and performance are managed within, while lower preference preparation work is done away by a builder.

Why You Need Game Development Outsourcing?

A fundamental element of the company figure is that we have a core full-time workforce to which we add the new workforce required to take out all creation work outside the corporation. Seventy-five percent of the workforce required to create games is visual work.

At the same time, Andy Cheren, leader of Production Road in Los Angeles, maintains that none of his consumers told him they expected to keep capital by making businesses. He tells a 120-person Southern California-based developer as an exemplar.

They don’t want to increase their staff. By adopting a game development outsourcing model, they will be able to better refine and improve their projects, they will not become overworked, and the quality of their lives will improve.

It is easier for a small team to move from one project to another or wait for a new project. And the firm will not have to bother about returning or finding more proper plans for developers who are not saving up with the current project since this task will be performed by a contractor.

Outsourcing For Small Teams

What makes lives easier, and our existence more meaningful is the ability to tell core teams at the end of the day that you will have more royalties to share. We are addressing the same problem from the opposite side. We have a huge team, but we solve this problem by working with many different clients and on many different projects at the same time.

Ultimately, this synchronization reduces the entire period consumed by each employee, creating it more comfortable for them to reach deadlines and events in the development process.

In addition, by using outsourced development, like in https://whimsygames.co/, clients’ art directors can be less worried about designers and developers being disappointed or discouraged because they don’t like the current plan. It indicates that in-house teams can work more efficiently because they have the opportunity to concentrate on more valuable and exciting tasks while more ordinary constant or time-consuming responsibilities are outsourced.

Minimum payment terms and the popular business market can make it hard to obtain experienced developers who are feeling to work within a budget. It can take weeks or months to complete the same project within a company to hire the right people, train them, and explain what they need to do. Every company has limited resources and every employee has limited time and energy.

Some developers are feeling to outsource each component of the game development:

  • 3D or 2D assets;
  • Music;
  • Programming;
  • scriptwriting. 

On the other hand, an outsourced developer in a game development outsourcing company frequently specializes in one thing: for example, only programming or writing music.


Moreover, game development may require high-quality instruments and tools. It can be too valuable to acquire all the needed support for a small team. It makes much more sense to seek the help of an experienced contractor armed with state-of-the-art equipment.

However, the work of contractors comes in handy not only when working on blockbusters. Outsourcing provides few developers the ability to start production out of any in-house research and development, which is a very efficient way to produce assets without a lot of property. Of course, you can’t create cutting-edge content with this system, but most utmost indie workshops don’t attempt to solve this.

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