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5 Best PC Games You Can Enjoy This Quarantine


In this article, you will discover the best PC games that most players are enjoying today — the latest single-player successes, growing esports, and some very modern classics that will boost every collection. 

We will strive to refresh this list as the latest game release, deleting old favorites and updating them with our newest fascinations. Instead of an ever-expanding collection that extends far into the past, we’re looking for a realistic response to the question: ‘Which new PC game will I get?


It’s not always been seamless for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft Montreal’s rigorous shooter started life in a hard way until the relative stability it currently enjoys. Over a year of upgrades, the addition of some different operators and charts, and a coordinated thorough cleaning campaign named Operation Health. 

Siege is now undoubtedly one of the best games to play on PC. It needs quite a while to understand that — Siege’s learning process is maddeningly high — but taking the time necessary is a minor change relative to the joy you’ll get when you achieve the first coup or win in this intense 5v5 shooter. 

Yes, broad parallels can be made with certain other games – not just Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – however, it stands out from its contemporaries for its impressive complexity and strong level limits.


If Valorant will really steal CS:GO’s successful FPS title continues to be seen, however, it sure presents a good argument. It is a little of a blend of Valve’s complex game and Overwatch, with unique characters that can change the direction of every round with their dynamic skills. 

You will still be able to keep angles and aiming for headshots, however setting a well-timed finish will wipe out the opposing team with one press. The style is crisp but vibrant – a nice change to CS:GO’s browns and grays. Try to get ahead of the game earlier.

Dark Souls 3

Although it’s certainly not as challenging as the previous games in the franchise, From Software’s Dark Souls 3 takes everything you enjoy from the Souls series and strengthens it by mixing it with the features present in Bloodborne, the most popular PS4 release for the game.

We are not trying to oversell it: you will die in Dark Souls 3, maybe more than once. It requires time to learn its intricate battle structure; however, it still plays fairly, making it more available to casual fans so that they can actively participate in its grim, spectacular universe. 

However, on the other side, the PC is far more streamlined than the first two games. Knowing that you can collect Dark Souls: Reloaded, and see where the dystopian sequence originated, there has never been a greater opportunity to connect the first blaze.


One of the strongest PC tank games in World of Tanks 1.0 is an open and thrilling tank simulation classified based on intricate gameplay mechanics. This matches two tanker teams against each other in a traditional death-match case. 

Numerous machines need to be released through ten separate pieces, from swift explorers to lumbering tanks. You’re going to be shocked how many Wargaming tanks attempted to squeeze in.


Finally, a post-apocalypse of no mutants in sight. In FAR: Lone Sails, you ‘re going to wander and discover the dry-out ocean that once was host to a flourishing community. With your good pal, sail-driven vessel, you’re going to have to overcome challenges, keep your vessel and follow a path of hints to solve the mystery of the catastrophe that has devastated the universe around you. 

It’s among the most enticing and fun theme mashups many have enjoyed in quite a while, so you’re going to have to battle the breeze till the very end. Often a gradual flame, but one that never feels sluggish.


Many of the games on this page are fantastic PC games. However, of all the devices, the PC is the oldest one existing until today and thus has the biggest record list. There have been decades of great PC games that you can select, and if you have a PC, you would be spoiled if you didn’t go through the mas


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