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DualSense Controllers With New Colors For Real Gamers


You have no idea what problems there are in the world. Car owners complain about traffic jams and pedestrians, pedestrians complain about car owners and gamers … about the colors of controllers. Yes, believe it or not, after the release of the PlayStation 5, a whole lot of drama played out among some particularly picky members of the gaming tribe – they did not have enough flowers. But Sony has been offering its players exactly one DualSense color for more than six months – white. The most impractical and, for many, just not very interesting. For real game fans, it is important both the colors of the controller and where to find worthy exciting games, and the answer is simple on the best platform Game Karma.

Wishes come true

And so it happened – as many as two new DualSense controllers appeared in stores. One is “cosmic red” and the other is “black midnight”. As it turned out, in life, pink is added to the palette of shades. On the one hand, you look – red, on the other – pinkish-burgundy. This is definitely not the same color used for the DualShock. In comparison, colors are immediately perceived differently – just like looking at different types of tomatoes. Sunset Orange is very bright, while Red Magma seems to be the most neutral. The new DualSense is quite dark and solid. And, again, downright mysterious: in the sun it looks pink, and at home, it looks maroon.

White models are frankly tired, especially since their textured surface is very dirty. Here, of course, it all depends on your cleanliness, but one thing is for sure – with black or even red, you can not bathe so much. Now let’s move on to the black model – “black midnight”. Since the days of PS2, black has remained the base color for all gamepads in the kit, and only PS5 mixed everything up. It was interesting and fresh, but many downright demanded an early release of the black version. And those who did not wait, did it themselves. Why? Someone likes black color, and someone just doesn’t want to clean the controller from any dirt every week, which is very well visible on a white surface. The controller is beautiful, matte, and serious. The tactile sensations are, of course, the same. Well, they are more pleasant, because few things in the world are as pleasant as holding a freshly unpacked gamepad that has never been used. Very comfortable – fingers do not slip, hands do not get tired.


These are the two models released by the PlayStation. The more colors the better. There is only one remark: note that beauty is worth the sacrifice, or rather, financial expenses. The fact is that “space red” officially costs 6,399 rubles ($88), and “black midnight” costs 5,999 rubles ($82). Not cheap, whatever one may say, and it is not entirely clear why a different shade of red is worth the extra money. And the rest – excellent.

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