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Best Android Games that Pay you Money


Friendly saying everyone enjoys earning money online by engaging in their hobby. If you have the hobby of playing a video game online then your luck because, in this new article, we will provide you a list of Android Games for earning which you can easily download and install on your smartphone and tablet for free.

As you know that after COVID 19 people prefer to earn money in their free time which they waste on useless things. Friendly saying now it is become easier to utilize your free time using different game apps which help people to earn money online for free.

Many online video game players don’t know about game apps that provide video game players platforms to earn money so they play the game without earning any money in their free time. If you want to get paid for all games you play online then check out these below-mentioned game apps which help you to earn money online for free.

One thing that keeps in your mind while using free game apps is that these apps do not make you rich but help you to meet certain financial goals in your daily life. But still, the play and earn category of games has become more famous among gaming enthusiasts in recent times than ever.

What are Android Games for Earning?

After reading the name you will definitely know that these are simple game apps for android users which help them to earn money online by playing different online and offline games. Before these earning platforms, players waste their time online by playing different games.

But now everyone who has a smartphone and internet access can earn money online by simply downloading and installing the best gaming platform on their smartphone and tablet. Like other apps and games play and earn game platforms are also available on the internet in huge numbers.

Due to this, it is not possible for many new gamers to choose the best or most worthy platform from them. To help those players we have to try some instant cash game apps below which help you to earn money online with your gaming skills for free.

People love these instant money-earning gaming platforms which help them to earn money online at their fingertips for free. We have tried to figure out some top instant money-earning game apps below that help fulfill your financial goals in a critical time. You can find many more of these play-to-earn NFT games listed on sites like chainplay.gg

Top Android Games for Earning in 2022

Mistplay App

It is one of the most popular and most downloaded game apps for android users which helps players to earn real money and also gift cards by playing different simple android games online through this new app. You can easily withdraw your money through different online transaction options with little service charges.

Solitaire Cube App

This is loved by players who love to play card games in this new gaming platform players have to play the solitaire game online to earn money by participating in cash tournaments online through this new gaming platform.

Drop App

This is also a new gaming platform where players get a chance to earn different gift cards, real money, and other rewards by playing simple arcade games online through this new instant cash app for free. Players will have tons of different arcade and casino games on this new gaming platform which provides users both entertainment and money too under a single app.

Pool Payday Game

Players who love to play 8 pool ball games love this new gaming platform where they will get a chance to get real money by competing in one-on-one matches against other players, and also in different online tournaments.


One thing that keeps in your mind while using these game apps is that these are mostly third-party apps that are removed from official app stores and game stores. So don’t invest money in these apps because most apps hack your money and data.

We always encourage the player to earn money through these apps without any investment for free. If you invest money and you lost it then we are not responsible for it. Before investing money once confirmed by any legal authority about these gaming platforms.

Like other android games and apps, these instant cash apps are also available on both official app stores and third-party websites. If you are choosing third-party websites to download these apps then you need to allow all permissions and also enable unknown sources from security settings.

Final Words

Android Games for Earning are the best android gaming platform with an instant cash facility that helps players to win real money after every game they play through these game apps. If you want to earn money for every online video game then try any one of the above-mentioned play-to-earn game apps and also share it with other video game players so that more players will get benefit from it.

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