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Top 5 Business Benefits of Implementing Encryption Software


Before we understand the benefits of implementing encryption software, we must first understand what encryption means. To define it in simple terms, encryption is a process of transferring information safely in a way that third parties can’t access. 

To ensure that the data is not at risk of hackers, encryption software comes into play. With it, data is delivered to the receiver through a complex algorithm that is safely protected through transfer. 

So, whether you’re a business that has already implemented traditional IT security measures or an individual, there are several benefits to implementing encryption software. To learn more, read on. 

Complete Data Protection

As stated above, implementing encryption softwares allows you to safeguard data, regardless of whether it is at rest state or in transit. It gives business owners and individuals peace of mind, knowing that their data is securely protected. Though parameters such as firewalls could prove to be useful, it does not protect networks that could be infiltrated.

Hence, with the right encryption solution, you can ensure your raw data is safe, even when a breach occurs. Furthermore, you deter hackers who generally would target your business, as it makes their job of retracting data more difficult. An elegant encryption solution would take a brute-force-style program a very long time to decode all of the protected information successfully.


Move Data Securely

Your data is most at risk of being hacked or traced when it is on the move. And if your shared data is not encrypted, they are likely accessible to everyone. While many businesses implement SSL/TLS measures, the industry standard for data in motion, it has its fair share of disadvantages. Due to general inconveniences and gaping holes in terms of security protection, SSL and TLS are not enough to keep your data safe.

Hence, encryption solutions are ideal for protecting confidential information. They safeguard your data at every stage of its journey, both from the sender and receiver’s end. Not only this, but they also ensure that any files or data uploaded onto the cloud or the internal storage hub will remain protected from data loss or theft.


Data Integrity Increased

Data theft is a widely practiced and common problem, and a way hackers try to commit data fraud is by penetrating a business’s data and altering or encrypting it. This is why you need encryption software, as it ensures that your data is safe and protected.

Every organization, large or small, has worries about whether or not the encryption process will affect the integrity of their data. So while encryption alone might not be enough to guarantee the integrity of our data at rest, it could dramatically increase the integrity of our data. Along with encryption software, you could also use digital signatures that prevent hackers from intercepting communications and ensure your data cannot be tampered with.

Security Across Multiple Devices

Today, the modern workplace has seen a drastic increase in the usage of electronic devices. And security professionals struggle to find suitable options to protect the data that is sent and stored on these devices. Hence, data encryption software is vital as it ensures that all data across all devices is completely encrypted with the same protection measures. Besides this, you could also implement device authentication, a security mechanism that negates the risk of any unauthorized data access.

It Ensures Compliance

Apart from simply wanting your data to be safe and secure, there are several compliance rules to which IT professionals who hold protected data must adhere. If one is non-compliant, the consequences can be costly. To ensure that your organization is compliant with the legal, insurance and industry restrictions on how data should be stored and handled, you need encryption software. With an appropriate solution, you can see it that adheres to laws such as FISMA, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and more.

As an individual or business owner, you need to ensure that all your important files, documents and communications are safeguarded in all states–rest or while transfer. Hence, for seamless and safe collaboration, you need state-of-the-art encryption softwares that employs three-layer encryption-based solutions to keep your data safe and secure. 

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