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5 Documentaries About Online Privacy That Will Open Your Eyes


The online world, from a bird’s eye view, may seem PHAT (Pretty Hot and Tempting) but let us face it, this vicious world of codes and networks spares no one. Amid rising concerns over data privacy and cybersecurity many questions about the internet and who owns it, as well as how an individual’s information is used, stored, and secured rose worldwide. However, as researchers and whistleblowers spotted the trends and the traps of the internet, more and more mysterious things about the web were uncovered. 

While online privacy is no joke, especially nowadays with the work-from-home culture kicking in and online offices being set-up, it’s important to trust the best. Trust begins with security and what is better than a free antivirus for Windows that protects your data and PC like a charm. It’s probably not the first time you’re hearing this but installing an antivirus is seen as one of the mandatory initial steps while setting up your machine.

Speaking of security, the last couple of years have been a total eye-opener with documentaries that created the much-needed buzz in breaking the facade of safe internet and online privacy. If you think it’s high time to gulp your dose of truth and understand the know-how of the online world, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some mind-blowing documentaries about internet security that are sure to send chills down your spine:


This rather hyped docu-drama hybrid explores the evils of the ultra-social, highly globalized world and its effects on all ages. The film is tightly woven with interviews, dramatized storylines, facts, events, and footage that are sure to shake you up and question the connectivity around you. 

The growing chatter about the ill-effects of social media is packaged together to form the underline message of the film that makes its audiences doubt all the big media giants and social media platforms. The film makes for a compelling watch and it won’t be wrong to say that it deserves the hype it garnered.


Google, Facebook, and other social media giants became an inseparable part of most people’s lives in the 2000s, however, what keeps these platforms “free” for all? This is the question that the 2013 documentary ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ explores. 

For a film to be addressing this question back in 2013 makes it all the more interesting to watch. This documentary looks at the ways in which corporations and even governments learn about consumers from their internet usage.

3. CODE 2600 (2012) 

This documentary provides a holistic narrative of the internet age. Starting from the rise of the Information Technology Age from the perspective of the people who helped build it. This film shows that journey via interviews and through the events that shaped the rise of the internet. 

Touching on aspects from every phase, the film offers a historical perspective of the online world and goes on to address the hacking culture that evolved consequently. This film offers a better understanding of computer security and hackers and counts as an educational documentary on the subject.


The Defenders is a classic documentary the follows a unique style by voicing the opinion of people that matter and have the right knowledge about the cyber world. The film concentrates on four famous cyberattacks which are shown through varied conversations backed by powerful storytelling. The film unlike others that are focused solely on hacking and hackers, sheds light on techies that protect our institutions. Thus, this 2018 film makes for an interesting watch. 

5. “The Great Hack” (2019)

The world was shaken and so were all social media users after the data breach scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in 2018. Both the giants were accused of gathering personal data from millions of social networking site users to use for political advertising.

“The Great Hack” makes for an engrossing watch that truly keeps you at the tip of your chairs and would make you realize internet security is no joke. Directed and produced by Academy Award nominees Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer, this documentary exposes the data mining work of the UK-based private firm Cambridge Analytica along with media mogul Facebook. If you are interested in more weird big-time hacks that have happened in history here is an interesting read for you. 


The online world can be overwhelming at times but it is imperative to keep up with the latest security and privacy trends in the ever-changing technological landscape. Especially in the modern day when working/ordering/paying via the internet poses all kinds of cyber threats, being informed and wise in this work-from-home setup should be a top priority.

Learning and being informed doesn’t always have to be a giant step. Smaller, more fun ways like watching films can be an educational yet amusing way of understanding the complex internet world. After all, as they say, “It is better to be safe than sorry,” this holds tons of truth especially when talking about online privacy

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