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How To Create SEO Strategy 2022


Promoting the business online has become the necessity than the option now. People are no longer looking at traditional media or methods to spread the word about their products or service. With digital marketing, things have become much simpler as compared to print media. As a consumer, if you wish to look for any information then you tend to check google first and then look for the offline resources. This shows that how strongly people trust googles way of working. It is one of the top search engines in the world and hence everyone wishes to be in the top position in google in their respective fields.

How To Get Top Result in Google SERP?

There are two ways through which one can acquire a top position in google which are PPC ads and SEO. PPC ads are known to be the paid way of promotion while SEO is known to be an Organic way where you would not need to pay anything to Google to score the position. Today we are going to talk about the organic way of promoting your website i.e.SEO. It is the method of ranking your website in the search engine by making few changes and link it to other sources on the internet. Here you would need to work according to the Google algorithm which changes frequently. The algorithm is known to be a parameter through which google ranks the website in the search engine. 

SEO is a continuous process that can take time to see the result. Many people try to get the results faster by following the unauthorized ways which are referred to as Black Hat SEO which can penalize your website in the long run. Hence it is always advisable to create the right strategy and follow the ethical SEO ways to rank your website. There are many sources through which you can learn the best practices of SEO such as Hawk Academy by StudioHawk.Here are a few of the strategies that would help you get the desired results with SEO. 

Understand Your Keywords 

SEO is a keyword game and it plays an important role in either rank or bringing down your website on the search result page. Hence the first step that you would need to take while creating the strategy for SEO is to do a little research on the keywords. You can take the help of various keyword research tools and analyze what type of keywords have got maximum searches and clicks. This would help you to get the list of targeted keywords for your pages and use it in the content. 

Using Keywords in the Page URL

Another strategy that works beautifully well is to add the keyword in the page URL. Here also you can take the help of various tools such as Google trends which would help you to get the search volume of the keywords that you are planning to use in the page URL. 

Review pages for Additional Keyword Placement 

At this stage, you would need to check for the possible ways to add keywords to your page. Here we are not promoting keyword stuffing but the ethical ways to put the keywords. You can do this activity on every page of your website. 

Check the Page Titles 

Page titles play an important role while working out the overall strategy of your website SEO. Through Page titles, users, as well as search engines, understand what the information is all about. Hence make sure to draft the eye-catching and interesting headlines for your page as well as for the content in it such as headline 1, headline 2, etc. 

Work On Overall User Experience 

Search Engines are now focusing more on the user experience and hence it is related to the website ranking as well. You can get in talks with your web developer to improve your website interface. You can test your site as a user and check whether you can browse it properly or find any relevant information related to your service. 

Use the Quality Content 

According to the marketer’s content is the king and it would always be. No matter how strong research you do on keywords or improve the user experience if your content is not in place, you would not be able to fetch the desired results. Hence focus on creating 100% unique and quality content which could engage your viewer or reader on your website for some time. 

Tips To Create Result-Driven SEO Strategy in 2022

Moving towards 2022, strategizing business marketing is essential to make a business successful. Without proper SEO planning, any digital marketing is just money as well as time waste. To get the best result in a short time span, some crucial aspects need to be focused on – 

  • The first one is the ‘Goal,’ you as an entrepreneur are required to figure out the exact goal.
  • Following this, ‘Scalability’ comes forward, which means the SEO planning should possess scalability. 
  • The next vital point that we would take care of is to focus on your business ‘Competitions, you need to find at least 10 competitors and focus on their strategy. 
  • The ‘Keyword’ has a significant function in SEO services. While researching keywords, you need to focus on 2 things- Location (Local or National or International) and Season. Along with valuable and informative content with the right choice keyword can bring the visibility you require.

Again, business is about finding consumers’ interest and we do so focusing on ‘Search Intent’ and defining ‘ROIs’ is crucial for result-driven SEOs. Hence we have built up a team that would check the different brands and enterprises and prepares effective strategies for online competition.


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