Reasons to Choose Professional Video Hosting

Digital Marketing has become the new trend in various industries. If you wish to promote your product or service well then digital marketing comes to your rescue. With the benefits such as cost-friendly service, time saver, and convenience, digital marketing has become the preferred choice of most marketers. With digital marketing, you can promote your services to any part of the world easily in a matter of few minutes. With the increasing use of smartphones and the internet, many people have now become aware of all the latest trends in various industries. According to research people spend most of their time on mobile rather than desktop or laptop. Hence most of the marketing agencies focus on mobile marketing as compared to the other devices. 

Talking about the content of the promotion, text, and images have always been the standard formats for the promotion until video made its entry. With text people needed to spend comparatively more time than on the image. But nothing can beat the way video delivers the message. According to marketing experts, Video brings a lot of engagement as compared to the other content formats. Hence now many agencies focus on creating engaging informative videos to promote their client’s products or services. You can bring a lot of value to your video and your promotion campaign by simply following some of the expert suggestions. Here are the tips that would help you to create better videos for Video Marketing. 

Add Lead Capture form in the initial section

With video, you can capture the details of your viewer in few seconds? How? All you need to do is to add a lead capture form in the initial section of a video when it reaches about 10 to 20% of its length. Many video-creating apps offer you this facility wherein you can insert the lead capture form in the video at any duration where the user can submit his email so that he can receive future notifications regarding your new video updates. The videos with the lead capture form found higher conversion rates. 

Create a custom thumbnail with a human face 

People give more preference to the human presence than any of the other objects. Hence if you want to grab your viewer’s attention to your video then make sure to use the human face. How you can do that? You can use the smiley pic of a human to create the thumbnail of your video. This helps to fetch the maximum clicks and views on your video which in return would increase your sales as well. 

Keep it short and entertaining 

Nobody has time to spend 5 to 10 minutes just to check the promotional content. Hence now people have moved from the text content to the video simply because of its length and purpose. Keeping this in mind make sure to keep the length of the video minimum so that users can get the complete message about what you wish to convey regarding your product or service. If the length of the video is long then there are chances that your viewer might leave the video in between and probably not check it again. 

Send personalized videos 

People love personalized stuff and hence being a marketer, it is important to identify this opportunity and use your strategy here to convert it into a sale. How to do that? You might have a list of email IDs of your subscribers or existing customers. You can create a small personalized video regarding your upcoming product or service and send it across to your list. This would help you to keep yourself engaged with your customers and increase the chances of further conversions. 

Create product tutorial 

If you are running an eCommerce store that sells various products then nothing can be more informative than the product tutorial or how to do content of it. You can create a quick short video of the tutorial of your popular products and upload it for promotion purposes. Here you can also mention a few of the benefits of the products. This will help to increase the overall chances of an increase in conversion. Here if you do not wish to be in a video then you can also consider getting the animated videos to grab your customer’s eyes. 

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