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Is a Degree in Digital Marketing Worth It in 2021?


Digital marketing is becoming one of the most profitable and sought-after fields in our modern world. Technology isn’t slowing down, and businesses are all aware that in order to stay current in 2021, they need an online presence. Even family-owned businesses that have been staples of their communities for decades are turning to social media and SEO experts to boost their web authority and attract more customers. There’s definitely not a lack of work available, so digital marketing is a highly appealing, albeit highly competitive, field to pursue.

With a plethora of tools and several university programs’ worth of knowledge available online for free, what makes a degree in marketing worth it in 2021? You may wonder whether it’s even necessary to invest the time and money into getting your undergraduate in marketing or communications if you can just land some gigs self-taught. Although you certainly shouldn’t look into freelance opportunities, consider these benefits of earning a degree.

You’ll Be More Credible to Potential Clients and Companies

Whether you decide to go freelance, start your own digital marketing agency or work for a company, you need credentials. No one wants to work with or hire someone who says, “I learned all this on my own and have little to no proof of what I can do.” When you’re new to the business, you need to bring as much proof of your abilities as possible to the table. For a newcomer, that means having a degree from an accredited college, a social media presence of some sort, and a decent portfolio.

Because the digital marketing landscape is becoming oversaturated, it’s important to stand out by demonstrating your commitment to the craft. Investing four or more years of your life into a particular field is no small matter. In many cases, this is becoming a fundamental requirement for hiring managers because they know someone who went to college has the baseline skills necessary to succeed. If you’re worried about paying for your marketing degree, look into scholarships and a private student loan. You can borrow from a lender you choose to pay off college and cover other expenses on your own terms while you’re in college.

You Can Specialize in Your Area of Interest

Maybe you’re into global marketing or strictly digital publications. Whatever the case may be, a degree in marketing sets you up to specialize in an area that can sharpen your skillset. This makes it easier for you to narrow down your focuses as you apply for jobs and craft a resume that stands out. If you’re going solo, then a specialization will make it easier for the right clients to find you because you’ll know how to target exactly what they’re looking for online.

There’s an Opportunity to Grow

Even if you’re an amazing self-taught marketer, you will likely struggle to ever get into a managerial role somewhere if you lack a college education. Degrees speak to a person’s dedication, and unless you have so much success that your name alone is recognizable in the industry, companies will pass you up for higher-paying careers even after a decade or more in the business. If working for another person isn’t your thing, then this may not even be relevant, but for many, the opportunity to scale their career by earning a master’s or Ph.D. is important. Think of your undergraduate degree as a springboard for all your future career moves.

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