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How We Can Help You With Digital Marketing Recruitment


It’s no secret that we are a little bit obsessed with inbound marketing — and what’s not to love? As if that weren’t enough, inbound marketing also gets results.

Can I direct your attention to one or more of our blog articles about the benefits of inbound marketing if you are not convinced?

Would you be interested if I told you that inbound marketing principles can be applied to your company’s recruitment strategy?

Digital marketing recruitment is based on this concept.

How Does Digital Recruiting Work?

Next, I will discuss recruitment marketing; let’s first do a quick recap on what it is and how it works. The concept provides a useful place to begin, even if you already know it.

Recruiters use recruitment marketing to come up with and achieve a strategy for identifying and attracting talent to their organization. In the talent acquisition funnel, recruiting marketing encompasses three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Interest.

The recruiter will do the following during each of these stages:

  1. Promote their company to qualified candidates through branding and relevant messaging;
  2. Offer competitive benefits, a work-life balance, paid time off, etc., and show candidates what they would gain by applying;
  3. Help prospects imagine themselves working for your company.

For the most part, digital recruitment marketing is the same as traditional recruitment marketing, except for one major difference: rather than using traditional recruitment agencies, employment offices, or job boards, the goal of digital recruitment marketing is to attract the best talent to your organization.

Therefore, some people refer to digital recruitment as social recruiting.

The first three stages of the acquisition funnel are again worth taking into account, in the context of a digital recruiting strategy:

  1. To bring their company to the attention of qualified candidates, their website should incorporate thought leadership and client success stories;
  2. Build a relationship with potential candidates on professional networking sites like LinkedIn and provide compelling content about what they can expect, such as competitive compensation, work-life balance, paid time off, etc. ;
  3. You can illustrate company culture by posting pictures and videos from all over the office and from company functions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In this simple example, you will see just how digital recruiting trends can be applied to your company’s recruitment process, and you will see just how easily you can do it. After reading this blog post, you will obtain the tools necessary to develop a comprehensive digital recruitment marketing campaign.

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