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Here’s A Beginner’s Guide To Present Your Ideas Through Videos

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It is easier for the human mind to engage and grasp visual content than written content. For this reason, video marketing offers a proven plan to improve website traffic, conversions, and user engagement.

This means that by making engaging videos, you can encourage your users to interact with your brand and understand your story. Ultimately, you can move towards better lead generation and a higher return on investment.

Hence, in this article, we have discussed 4 video marketing tips that can help you communicate with your users.

4 Tips For Video Marketing

Video marketing contains visual content that helps brands to deliver their message to the audience through a video. Such a video is developed, keeping the business perspective in mind. Therefore, their €™s always an end goal behind a video marketing campaign.

Read on to know how to make a video that will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.

1. Tell a Story

Traditionally, marketing meant reaching out to the media house and using your advertisement to interact with your audience. Now, with the advent of social media and digital marketing, you can connect with the same users online.

This indicates that we are not really replacing the traditional method of advertising. We are competing with it.

You need to create a video that tells a story and brings value to your users. In reality, your videos should be more brand-focused for driving sales. So, remember the ads that we watched on television and look forward to creating that experience.

The best way of achieving that is by telling a story. If you are successful in expressing yourself to your viewer, you can help them understand your goal and act upon it.

However, the secret ingredient to a valuable video that creates engagement is telling a story in a concise and consistent manner. You can €™t make the video too long or too short for a story. It just has to be perfect and should have the art of storytelling instilled in every instance.

This means you need to engage your audience from the first to last frame of the video.

2. First Few Seconds Are Important

With increasing social media usage, the attention span of your users is also decreasing. You need to utilize these first few minutes of full attention efficiently. If you fail to interest your audience in these seconds, the purpose of your video would not be accomplished.

If your user is scrolling quickly through their Instagram or Facebook feed, your video should stand out and grab the attention of the user almost instantly.

Here €™s how you can do it:

  • Create an attention point.
  • Use thumbnails.

Creating an attention point means to deliver something interesting at the start of the video so that your audience is immediately interested. For instance, now marketers place a very short snippet of the end result in the starting to engage users such as in food videos.

When you are uploading videos on YouTube or Facebook, you have the liberty to decide the thumbnail of the video. Either your attention point or thumbnail should be strong. Your users should be interested in viewing your video with this thumbnail.

However, try choosing a thumbnail that is clear and tell the story behind the video. If you choose to move, blurry thumbnails, your audience might not understand the purpose.

Both of the above are first impressions. If you manage to choose your first impression carefully, you can leave a positive impact on users. If not, then your user might move past the idea of purchasing or interacting with your brand.

3. Target Right Audience

One thing that is not always included in video marketing is a targeted audience. This factor is important in every step of marketing.

Right from ideation to final conversion, you need to know the target audience of the video. This helps in building the right content for a certain type of audience.

Fortunately, platforms like Facebook have in-built tools for targeted actions. This means that if you are using Facebook ads on your video, you can target a very specific type of audience for a post.

This helps in two ways:

Targeting a specific audience helps in additional conversions. This is because people who are targeted most likely have the need for your product or service.

Using targeted posts helps these users to receive the right information in a visual format. This may not necessarily lead to conversion, but it is highly likely for this video to leave a positive first impression.

These target ads don €™t impact the audience you already have. Take Facebook Ads, for example, you can target your audience based on age, gender, language, and location. The options you select help in deciding your target audience.

But, this does €™t mean people who have followed you but fall out of this target group may not be able to view your post or engage with it. They can view your video, as the Facebook ad does €™t affect the audience you already have.

4. Include CTAs

In every marketing effort, CTAs are important. That €™s the entire point of creating a video. It is obvious you want to lead your audience somewhere.

To achieve that, leave CTAs on your videos to help your audience move from one step of the lead generation to another rather quickly.

Here are the CTAs examples that can be included in videos:

  • Subscribe to channel
  • Share and comment
  • Like page
  • Link to another content
Where can you include these videos?

There are three common and most effective positions for video CTAs:

  • You can leave a CTA at the starting of the video so that the audience has the opportunity to instantly click on it.
  • You can leave a CTA at the end of the video to lead your user from your video to your end-goal, which can be your website, product page, etc.
  • You can also place a CTA in the mid, on a slide where your users are most engaged. This type is utilized in very dedicated frames.


Once you have utilized the above tips to decide the content you want in your video, focus on building a brand through videos. Display your ideas and reach out to your audience in the most unique and appealing manner. This can help you build a strong customer portfolio, which would improve your throughput.


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