Many of us don’t want to throw out our last DVD. Yet it’s quickly scratched, destroyed. I wrote “Digitize DVD Set” in the to-do list to preserve my set. My tapes, not just old precious films but new tv programs, are removed from the stools for saving space. Converting DVD to MP4 is also a safe choice to avoid physical harm to my movies and TV shows. And you can conveniently download and play MP4 video format on my computer, laptop and TV.

The best treatment of DVDs takes a longer lifespan, but things go wrong – unexplainable marks on the cover, unintended splits and so on. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is one app which comes to mind when it comes to DVD backup to ISO. WinXDVD Ripper Platinum free to copy DVD to ISO.

Why is the WinX DVD Ripper better than others?

There are free alternatives out there, but as we all know, there are limitations to freeware programs. Even worse, some freemium programs too don’t give enough compelling reasons to shell out the money for an upgrade. WinXDVD Ripper Platinum, on the other hand, has proven to be a worthy buy over the years. It has ranked as the best DVD ripper/DVD ripping software

1.Multiple DVD sources

WinX DVD Ripper allows users to load almost any kind of DVD as video. It will not only obtain complete, newly installed disks, but also sensitive, old scratched disks with full film material removed. It will support other DVD outlets, such as the ISO picture and the VIDEO_TS archive, as well as physical disks.

2.Provide Various Output profiles

This DVD Ripper is a lightweight piece of software with an easy-to-use UI. The performance profile list contains any common style. MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, M2TS etc. Besides, device and web profiles are built in empowering users to convert DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, Nexus, Huawei, Xbox, PS3/4, YouTube, Facebook etc, without any playback or uploading error. It can also remove original audio tracks including MP3, AAC, and AC3.

3.High Quality Results

Performance is key! Value is important! A horrible file would greatly frustrate me. Fortunately, during ripping a DVD WinX DVD Ripper Platinum never sacrifice price. The deinterlacing Engine and High Quality Engine “Yadif Double Frames” dramatically increase the production quality of video for these interlaced sources.

4.Boosts DVD ripping speed with GPU acceleration

It is not only a legacy of mainstream innovations-super encode engine, hyper-threading processing, multi-core use, it also takes full advantage of the Level 3 hardware acceleration to make it easier to digitice 1 hour and half film on my Windows 10 machine for around five minutes.

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How to Convert DVD ISO to MP4 With WinX DVD Ripper?

>Step 1 : Open DVD Ripper on WinX. Click the “ISO Picture” button on the main gui and you will see a smaller window that pops up. To open the DVD ISO picture file you want to convert to MP4, press “Browse” You don’t have to pick a form of DVD Disk File System. Only click “Yes” to instantly load the ISO file into this ripper.

load ISO image to WinX DVD ripper

Step 2 : After you import the ISO file it will pick up the right main title for you and pull up the Output Profile window. The total number of profiles is 350 +, most of which are encoded with H.264 / MPEG4 (video codec) + AAC / MP3 (audio codec) and wrapped as MP4. Here as an example, we select “MP4 Video” under “General Profiles.” By design, it will retain the original resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio and give the best bitrate settings and other parameters. Select “Yes” then.

choose mp4 as output format
Step 3: At the bottom right corner of the main interface is a big blue “RUN” button. You’ll see several choices above this button: Intel and nVIDIA Hardware Accelerator, Using High Quality Processor, Deinterlacing, Secure Mode, and CPU Core Use. Arrange them according to your needs. Hit the “RUN” button once completed, and the ISO to MP4 conversion will begin in no time. It is an easy way to copy dvd to the hard drive

run ISO to MP4 conversion


We are assured that if you need to convert and compress a DVD disk, DVD VIDEO TS archive or ISO picture to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, H.264, MPG or other formats, WinX DVD Ripper will become your best option. You just need to take a few mouse clicks and wait a little while, and then you’ll get a copy that’s high quality but low.


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