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6 Hassle-Free Tips for Moving Into a New Home

6 Hassle-Free Tips for Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is always hectic. All that packing up can make anyone sit down with their head in their hands. But regardless, it needs to be done. So the best way is to figure out how to get it done in the best possible way and in the least time-consuming way. This will prevent any headaches that can arise from packing hassles. So to help you out, here’s 6 of the best tips for moving into a new house. Follow below:

1. Don’t be lazy

Don’t leave anything for the last few days. If you know weeks in advance that you will be leaving your current abode for someplace new then start preparing. Begin packing those things that you rarely use. Plan things and spread it out over days. Never pack those things which you will need to function every day. This was there will be no last-minute chaos.

2. Packing correctly

Shifting from one place to the other becomes much easier if you pack correctly. This smart packing begins by making an inventory of all the belongings which have to be packed. Then slowly check off those which have been packed. After this, make sure that the packages are carefully placed in cartons. Also, make sure that you categorize your stuff. For example, if you are packing kitchen stuff, then categorize it as sharp objects, utensils, and such. Also, don’t throw away the inventory once you are done. You will need that while unpacking to ensure that everything is there.

3. Defrost your freezer

If you have a  fridge on rent or own it outright, then make sure that you defrost it a day or so before moving. This will not only make it lighter, but also the entire fridge won’t drip in the transit vehicle and damage other boxes. Also, do make sure to take out everything that is inside it and if possible clean the fridge before the move.

4. Pack all liquids separately

Don’t pack drinkable liquids with non-drinkable ones. Also, don’t pack liquids with other non-liquids. If any of the liquids get opened, then it can destroy the other liquid or nonliquid. Imagine if your beautiful rug gets destroyed by liquid detergent. You surely wouldn’t want that for sure. So pack them properly.

5.Pack big items with care

Washing machines and other such machines will have to be packed separately of course and they will probably have to be transported first. So make sure that you pack them properly and in such a way that they don’t incur any damage. After all, damage during transit is a huge issue during moving for big machines. If you have a washing machine on rent or any such machine then make sure to return it or ask if you can indeed take it to your new home.

6.Mark your bags

Always label your boxes. This will make it easier for you to find them once everything is in the new home. With this, you don’t have to open each one up and look inside if it’s got that one thing you need. Always mark your boxes before you begin putting things in them and not after. Label them either according to whatever is easier for you. You will find that some things won’t fit well within these labels. Instead of throwing it all in a miscellaneous box that will prove to be a problem, later on, put it in a labeled box.

If you follow these tips then your moving day should be a lot hassle-free and as a result, you will find it easy to settle into your new home.


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