Pandas 12 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Pandas are the most charming creatures on earth. Their mere presence is captivating and uplifting to one’s soul. Their precious paws and darling face makes you want to cuddle with them all day long. Once you see a panda sitting and chilling while holding a bamboo stick, it captures your hearts instantly. Even the Kung Fu Panda movie and TV show’s main character Po makes you laugh and delight. Here are some facts that will make you fall in love with them more.

Spatial Memory

The decision making and behavior of pandas rely on working memory. They try their best to listen to a series of events in a timeline and learn what it means. One of the coolest panda facts is that they exhibit a cognitive system that holds information for the time being and depend on spatial memory. Visual memory is common among animals, but pandas possess the opposite skills. They use these cool skills to locate food.

Fat Pandas

Pandas are massive and chubby. A female adult panda weighs about seventy to one hundred kilograms while males can go up to one hundred fifty kilograms. A specific measurement of a panda’s physical parameter gives you detailed knowledge about this particular category. Researchers travel to China to study giant pandas. Going on panda tours and visiting them will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Book your next travel destination and see these cute ones firsthand!

Adorable Cubs

Panda cubs are born pink in color and have a delicate thin layer of hair. These newborn baby pandas are surprisingly tiny and born prematurely. Several studies blame this phenomenon on the bamboo diet. Given that their mothers are massive in size, researchers have been curious about why they are weirdly small. However, it is usual for bears to have relatively miniature babies. Further studies and research on this matter are ongoing. The panda cubs eventually grow and develop for weeks to months.

Poop Stories

Imagine two pandas having this conversation: “Do you ever think there is more to life than eating?” asks Panda one. “You mean like, sleeping?” says Panda two. Hilarious as this may be, that pretty much sums up the daily routine of a giant panda. They poop as much as they eat and leave a poop trail that ushers you back to their dens. Pooping is a call of nature for these cute panda bears.

A National Symbol

The country of China is proud to present pandas as their national pride. Pandas are the prideful logo of the World Wildlife Fund organization. It is a no-brainer to learn that the national animal of China is the giant pandas. They are the national treasure and are adored all over the world. Pandas are also a symbol of friendship and tranquility. These adorable animals are known as chill and are minding their own business.

The Bamboo Diet

China calls these adorable animal bamboo bears. Pandas are bamboo eaters and can live on only consuming bamboo plants. Most of its diet is bamboo; therefore, pandas cannot store much fat and are needed to bear hibernations. A fun fact is that pandas use their sixth toe to grasp on bamboos. They eat all kinds of bamboo: water bamboo, black bamboo, arrow bamboo, and all the other different types of bamboo.

Bear Hug

They may have the most distinctive color from the rest, but pandas are real bears. Giant pandas have been in the bear family since 1869. Similar to other bears, pandas are swimmers. But they do not spend ample time in the waters because they do not hunt marine life for food. The family of Ursidae consists of the eight species of bears that you want to embrace. The panda bears are probably the cutest of them all. As they say, keep calm and hug a panda!

A Thick Skin

Panda bears have literally and accurately thick skin. Their coats are very distinctive and keep them warm in cold climates in the forest. Their black and white furs surround their eyes, ears, arms, and legs, making them unique and charming. There are rare pandas that have grey and brownish coats. These fluffy creatures are irresistible, and we can all agree that life is better with panda bears.

The Land of the Panda

Pandas thrive and live in forests and mountains. Bamboo forests and mountain ranges in China are their homes. The protection and preservation of these giant panda’s living habitats are essential in China. The solution of expanding existing environments and establishing new ones for them helps prevent the risk of extinction. Help save the pandas by donating and taking care of our forestation.

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan of a panda is twenty years. Pandas that are in a captive environment can live up to thirty years. It depends on factors like food availability, territory, and circumstances. The world’s oldest panda is 38 years old. Pandas survive the longest when in captivity. They are well taken care of and protected. Conservation efforts are essential to protect these endangered creatures.

Things We Can Do to Help Pandas

The threat to pandas is still existing. Commercial farming and deforestation are still happening. Habitat loss is a severe threat to our beloved panda bears. We need to take part in making wise decisions that create significant and positive impacts. Learning more about the life of pandas makes you appreciate them better. We should keep in mind that they have the right to live and grow in nature as they please.

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