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5 Best Theme Songs from Animated Films


Animated films or videos are quite famous among fans. However, filmmakers have started to produced such content along with theme songs or even multiple tracks. So, due to these tracks or theme songs, people have started to take more interest in animated content.

Even some of them have received awards that include Frozen, Coco, and Toy Story. They have received the Academy Award for Best Original Song. So, this initiative has boosted the trend of adding soundtracks in anime movies or series.

Have you watched The Lion King? If not, then I am sure you might have heard about its theme song Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Because it was so viral on different social networking sites. So, it is also an animated movie based on the life of lions and the jungle.

However, the story is about a lion and his family. Moreover, it is fictional and based on so many emotional as well as comedy scenes. Even the soundtrack is quite emotional. So, you can learn more about the track here Elton John Can You Feel the Love Tonight Lyrics.

Top 5 Animated Films’ Theme Songs of All Time

Let’s come to the main topic where you are going to learn about some of the best theme songs. Some of you have already heard about these themes and some of you may don’t. The success of any film is based on the story, casting, and the way it is picturized.

However, in animated content, the quality of animations or graphics also matters. But there is a new concept that has been introduced by some filmmakers and that is themes or soundtracks. You might have watched Bollywood movies where they add music and dance. 

So, that is considered a prime reason for the success of most Bollywood movies. You might have watched so many anime films and you may have enjoyed them a lot. But the soundtracks are very crucial and one cannot forget them that much easier. 

The Lion King, Coco, Frozen, and a few others have given us some amazing tracks that one cannot forget. It makes us enjoy it whenever we listen to them. Likewise, there are so many such films where you can find some melodious and appealing music or tracks.

In some films, you will find a single theme song while some of them offer multiple tracks. However, there are so many of them, and quite a difficult test each and every one. But you can watch the film and experience the track. Even you can enjoy the track more if you watch the whole story. 

That helps you to feel the track as well as the lyrics that you listen to. However, in this article, I am going to share a list of the 5 Best Theme Songs from Animated Films. These are based on the views and likes of people from all over the world on different social media platforms. 

Can You Feel the Love Tonight

One of the most fascinating and best theme songs that have got so much admiration from the fans is ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight. It is the theme song of the movie The Lion King. It is an emotional song where you can see the love between a child and parents. 

This theme was sung by Elton John and it was released in 1994. It is a fantastic movie with interesting stories and animations that are quite fascinating. So, you can experience an amazing story if you watch this movie.

Love is an Open Door

If you are a diehard fan of animated videos, then you may have watched Frozen. It is a movie released in 2013. Love is an Open Door is a track from that film. You can see Anna and Hans expressing their feelings for each other in the song. But it was actually sung by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana.

Raining Sunshine

Raining Sunshine is a theme song from an animated film known as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This movie was picturized and released in 2009. Moreover, the theme was sung by Miranda Cosgrove. The lyrics of this song are quite amazing. 

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is the title song of the movie Beauty and The Beast. This picture was released in 1991. The theme song was sung by Canadian singer Celine Dion and American singer Peabo Bryson. The film is based on a love story between a beautiful girl and a beast.

You’ll Be in My Heart

If you are from the 90s era, then you probably have watched Tarzan. This is one of the most famous animated movies that was released in 1999. So, You’ll Be in My Heart is one such track that no one can forget. The track is picturized on a chimpanzee and human child.

A child escapes a plane crash and chimpanzees find him alive in a jungle. But the child lost his parent in that crash. So, there is a chimpanzee who raises him. So, this is an emotional song between the chimpanzee and the kid who later gets the title of Tarzan.


There are so many theme songs that you might love to listen to. However, it is not possible to mention each and every one of them. Therefore, I have selected the ones that have more views and likes from the people.

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