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Wondershare PDFelement: An introduction

Wondershare PDFelement is a great tool that will let you edit, create, convert and even sign your PDF files. The application can be used both for Mac and Windows platforms. Unlike the Adobe Acrobat it is not too expensive. The pricing plans are pretty flexible and will help you maximize the experience by staying within your budget.

The creators have put in all their mind and might to create a great software. They want their users to stay happy all round the clock and so they have cleared the bugs reported by the users regularly.

This is a feature-rich PDF editor. It is hard to use for some but there are certain features which were not so compelling for the users earlier. You can get an easy to use interface and an application that will let you do all the desired modifications by altering the style and format as needed. The pro version offers the unique safety measure with the 256-bit AES password encryption.

Features of Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a great PDF editor that helps you get complete control over your PDF system. Based on the latest AI technology it becomes easier to customise the files the way you want. The features have made the software an award winning option. The home screen displays the basic features that are needed for handling the document including edit, combine, create and convert options on large tiles.

The tool is a great choice for both the Windows and Mac platforms. Here is a list of features that will let you get the best out of the PDFelement from Wondershare.

Handling the PDF files

If you have got the PDFelement then it actually means that you have welcomed the ease and comfort in your life. It will let you handle over three hundred PDF files besides letting you merge and reorganize the files regardless of their native settings. The process is not much challenging and problem-stricken even if you are not well acquainted with the PDF format or the similar applications. pages, irrespective of the original settings. It has a simple and convenient indexing feature that will organize the files on your behalf.

Offers Complete Control

PDFelement ensures that you gain complete control over the document by letting you adjust the fonts, style and other features of the document the way you want. You can use twenty languages to edit the document.

If you are not happy with the errors and the spelling mistakes that often come across your document then use the inbuilt feature of Spellchecker to correct the problem. The line or paragraph that you have altered can be automatically adjusted. You can easily capture the clicks of the documents by using the optical character recognition feature and then can convert them into the PDF format. PDFelement is therefore a user-friendly and smooth text editor that helps you handle the content the way you want. Add headers, footers, annotations and watermarks the way you want.

Form Creation

PDFelement comes with the unique form recognition technology that multiplies the productivity of businesses. Once you have acquired the tool you can create forms for your personal and official usage. It has an option of a great deal of templates that you can use to create your new forms. If you have created a non-fillable form in any other format like MS Word or Excel then you can easily change into a PDF form.

File Extraction

It is not easy to handle the data compilation from PDF forms to carry out spreadsheet analysis. You may experience errors while copying or rekeying the data. The data extraction feature is there to let you auto extract and compile the data using the PDF forms automatically and then save them in the format of your choice.

PDFelement has multiple conversion options. You can convert files in Microsoft docs, HTML or images. Therefore, it is possible to even split the files into compact documents. The documents come in different formats and later you can extract them to a safe location of your choice.

Export and Scan PDFS

The advanced OCR technology of PDFelement helps in eliminating the manual work. You can easily extract the custom field data using the scanned invoices or PDF forms IN .CSV or Excel format. The files can be batch processed and then laid down by extracting the PDF files with a similar layout. This is a commendable recent addition when it comes to automation technology.

Collaboration Features

This software comes with numerous collaboration features which means it is designed for teams and not for individuals. Using this tool you can edit PDF files by commenting, highlighting and marking. Moreover, you can use arrows or shapes to identify any important part of the document. Also, with this tool you can add stamps and annotations in the PDF files.

Safety and Security

The security feature of Wondershare PDFelement is amazing. With the help of a document management system you can store and share content without worrying about the problem of hacking. You can also create and manage your signature. Similarly, it is you who decides who can access the files after you give them permission to access. Best of all, it features 256-bit AES encryption for the passwords. Last but not least, you can black out the hidden text for maintaining privacy.

In Built Templates

PDFelement comes with hundreds of in-built templates so that you can create professional-looking forms. This allows you to monitor and manage the licenses across multiple groups and teams.

User Friendly Interface

As compared to the PDF editors with an Office-style approach, PDFelement is quite easy to navigate and comparatively simple. Its smooth workflow makes it best suited for advanced business requirements.

Its minimalistic user interface is a great help for the beginners. The tools included are also user friendly. Create your desired documents, mark up and comment, streamline your team collaboration and make things easier for you in the workplace. The format and layout of the documents is also retained thus, you don’t have to think much about the safety and security of the document in PDF format.

Comfortable Navigation

The user interface has no navigation problems. There is no need to be technically proficient for coding. The PDF to Excel conversion is not too tedious as well. The conversion tool comes with the rotation feature for efficient working.

Customer Service

You never know when you face a problem with your system or the application. If you have the slightest information you can handle the basic problems but for the serious problems you need the customer support. The application offers a great customer service where the well versed and helpful assistants are there to assist you in resolving all the problems. Also, they have run a community where you can get instant feedback and discuss with other users.

Pricing Plans

There are multiple PDFelement offers that include diverse varied pricing plans. They differ on the basis of the operating system and the number of PCs working with the same. You need to start with the free version. Once it’s done you have to go for the paid plan. In case of the paid plans you are able to enjoy the money-back guarantee of 30-days along with great perks like continuous product development and free customer support.

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Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac

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