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Marketing is everything. Without well-planned and well-executed marketing tactics, a business is bound to fail. Marketing can take place in a variety of different forms, both physical and digital. We have the classic flyers and business cards thumb-tacked to community billboards, and we also have Instagram advertisements, mass SMS and emails, and so many other kinds of digital marketing. As we progress more and more as a society, we are seeing an influx of businesses taking full advantage of solely digital marketing strategies. The best way to stay on top of the digital marketing game is to hire a marketing agency. Specifically, hiring a Klaviyo email marketing agency can take your digital marketing to the next level, because email marketing has been found to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing, with revenue generated from email marketing forecasted to reach almost $11 billion by the end of 2023. If you are considering hiring a marketing agency to expand the reach and revenue of your company, then you’re in luck because today we’re here to tell you the pros and cons of why you should hire a marketing agency. To know everything there is to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of hiring a marketing agency, keep on reading. 

Pros of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Let’s start with the pros of hiring a marketing agency. For this article, we’ll mainly be focusing on hiring a Klaviyo email marketing agency, since Klaviyo is currently one of the leading email automation platforms available for businesses. 

They Know What They’re Doing

The first pro of hiring a marketing agency is simple: they know what they’re doing. Things like mass email and SMS marketing might seem intimidating, and that’s fair because they absolutely are if you don’t have the proper training and experience. Hiring a marketing agency can ease your fears of everything that intimidates you about digital marketing, and that alone is a major benefit. Your company and marketing strategy will substantially improve when you’re not worried about messing everything up yourself. 

It Will Save You Time and Money in the Long Run 

Another pro of hiring a marketing agency is that it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. When you initially sign a contract with a Klaviyo email marketing agency, you’ll probably be paying a hefty bill. However, this will soon pay itself off because, with the unique insight and techniques of digital marketing experts, your company will have the potential to reach new financial heights and make exponentially more than the cost of hiring the marketing agency. 

They Have the Tech and the Tools 

The third pro of hiring a marketing agency is that they have the technology and tools necessary to succeed. Nowadays, it seems like every week a new marketing tool or website is released, and this one is sure to make your company triple in revenue. However, it can get easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. Thankfully, marketing agencies know exactly what technology and tools are most effective and can provide you with just what your business needs. 

Cons of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Now, let’s move on to the cons. There aren’t many, but we’ll give you everything we know about the downsides of hiring a marketing agency. 

It Can Be Expensive 

The first con is the most obvious: hiring a Klaviyo email marketing agency can be expensive. This isn’t always the case, though. Sometimes, the price depends on how much you expect out of them. Do you only need marketing guidance for a few months, or are you expecting the full extent of their capabilities for a year or more? All of these factors play a role in the cost of hiring a marketing agency. 

You Have Less Control 

When you hire an email marketing agency, you have to let go of some of the control over your company’s marketing. This lack of full control is terrifying to a lot of people, so if you’re someone who likes to be in charge of every single thing happening within your company, you may want to reconsider if hiring a marketing agency is right for you. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

To conclude, here is a brief list of things to consider before you hire a marketing agency. Read through these items, and think about them in regard to yourself and your company.

  • Do you lack the time needed to develop and continuously update a proven and effective marketing strategy for your company?
  • Do you lack the resources and technology needed to stay at the top of the digital marketing game in comparison to your competitors?
  • Are you willing to put in the effort and finances it takes to see your business succeed and grow?

If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, then now is the time for you to hire a Klaviyo email marketing agency. Once you sign that contract, get ready to see growth and expansion like never before.

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