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Is it Possible to Obtain Digital Marketing Position Without a College Degree


Having a college degree in digital marketing has its perks. You get to acquire knowledge about advertisement in a formal setting. In addition, you gain a lot of experience you will otherwise not get outside the university system.

However, not having an undergraduate degree does not prevent you from having a career in digital marketing. There are various paths you can follow to master advertisement in online spaces.If you’re looking for structured learning, many advanced digital marketing courses are also available to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. Yet, you must take action to become successful. Below are steps you can follow to launch a career in digital marketing.

Understand the Job Requirements of a Digital Marketing Expert

You cannot jump into a speciality without understanding its requirements. As such, you can start the journey by itemizing and learning about the skills a typical digital marketer requires. You can find the typical job requirements by examining employment ads. 

There are many online platforms you can use to learn about the attributes of working in digital marketing. These sites include:

  • LinkedIn;
  • Flexjobs;
  • Glassdoor;
  • Payscale.

Search for different job titles relating to your online advertisement in these spaces. Examine qualifications and requirements. You will discover that getting a degree is an option or a bonus. What many recruiters are looking for is a hands-on experience that will drive traffic and improve sales.

On your part, you will want to take note of the required skills. Next, you must find ways to master these skills if you want to be considered for a marketing position in the future.

Creating academic content is a task that requires a student to have some basic writing skills. Having these attributes is essential to getting good grades. Alternatively, a learner may opt to hire a service that can write essays for money online. Working with expert writers will guarantee quality content and superior grades.

Identify High Paying Jobs

People work to earn a living. Therefore, you must keep an eye on what pays the most in the digital marketing industry when looking through job titles. For an entry-level, you will not make more than $50,000 per year. This amount changes as you go higher. It also diverges depending on what you specialize in.

For example, digital and content marketing experts make the most money in this field. As such, you may want to focus your strength on learning skills that will fit these roles. On the other hand, acquiring SEO skills can make you more suited to emerging jobs in social media marketing. It also makes your CV more attractive to some employers.

Register for an Online Course

The world has evolved so much that you do not need a college degree to become proficient in any field. All you need to do is to find an appropriate online course and enrol in it. In general, there are several accredited programs you can partake in. You automatically get certified to work in specific fields once you meet the minimum requirement for graduation. Another alternative you can explore is a digital marketing boot camp. Attending this type of program will elevate your skills quickly.

Taking an extra course will be great for your future employment but may negatively affect your grades as your time will be divided between learning for your college and the marketing course. To resolve this issue, you can research “who can write my paper for me cheap?”. This way, you can find writers of quality academic content at an affordable rate and get the best of both worlds.

Niche Down

Understanding all aspects of digital marketing is essential, especially if you hope to climb the corporate ladder. You will find such knowledge crucial when your role is to manage other specialists. Yet, the best way you can improve your career is through specialization. Doing this helps you focus your efforts. In the long run, it increases your employability. Some specializations you should consider include:

  • SEO;
  • PPC;
  • Email marketing;
  • Affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, the type of employer you get can push you to become an expert in more than one field. You should consider getting one or two mentors. Having someone to consult with can make a big difference in your career trajectory. Once you have selected a specialty, you can gain experience by trying hands-on freelancing.

Search for Jobs

You do not have to be an expert to search for a job. All you need is to understand the basics of digital marketing. In many cases, you will have time to adapt and learn skills once your employer starts sending tasks your way.


Becoming a digital marketing specialist is possible if you do not have a college degree. All you need is dedication, hard work, and the resolve to follow the tips highlighted in this article. Get started on your digital marketing career today!

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Eric Wyatt is an experienced digital marketing professional. He is also a freelance writer who has worked in various niches. Besides marketing and writing, Eric loves volunteering at a local animal shelter.

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