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Want To Succeed At Apex Legends? Read This


To win in the Apex Games, you must stay sharp, use your wits, stay close to your mates or use some apex legends cheats!

Victory always comes to those prepared, and having a few helpful hints in your back pocket can help you in sweet triumph. It’s a rough old world out there, so here are some pointers for players who want success at Apex Legends.

1. Be with Your Squad

Playing and sticking with your squad is the vital key to success in Apex Legends. Being with each other, you can keep each other protected and defeat your opponents. If you try to strike out on your own, you’ll find yourself up against other teams that can overpower you. You’ll have a better chance of success if you stick tight to your team.

2. Go For the Good Stuff, But Be Cautious

Different parts of the map have different loot levels – the higher the tier of your weapon or armor piece, the stronger it is, and the better your chances of surviving the match. Some map areas are brimming with high-tier loot, so everyone rushes to these locations first. The best loot lies inside dropships that land at random locations across the world.

3. Enemy death crates reveal the amount of loot contained inside.

When you defeat an opponent, they drop a large box of loot, and most of the time, you’ll want to rush over and see what’s inside. That can be a risky move, and if you get over there to find a gun with no ammunition, you’ll be disappointed.

There is a trick to avoid this! 

The death box has different colors, and those colors will tell you what the quality loot inside is. If the box is grey, you know the loot is of poor quality. However, if a package is a glowing golden one, you know it contains at least one object of the highest quality. If you’ve learned this trick, you’ll never run over to a grey box again unless you’re in a desperate situation.

4. Take Advantage of Jump Towers, Hot Zones, and Other Features

Kings Canyon is brimming with semi-permanent map items that you can use to gain an advantage over your enemies. Jump Towers allow you to fly into the air and then skydive back down to the ground, allowing the whole team to cross the map quickly. If you can get to a Hot Zone first, you will have access to higher-tier loot on a random portion of the map. Learning how to use these features gives a plus point to your team’s strategy.

5. Take advantage of every piece of gear you find

You never know what you’ll find out in the arena, so don’t be too picky about the caches you find. Body armor, weapon accessories, backpack upgrades that allow you to hold more items, and other valuable items are scattered around the arena.

The inventory system will notify you if a weapon or piece of gear is superior to what you already have and will prevent you from acquiring lower-tier loot. That way, you won’t risk grabbing something you won’t be able to use in a hurry. Also, loot fallen enemies – they’ll drop a cache when you take them down, and they also have some of the best loot. Always keep an eye out because you never know when a single piece of armor could prove helpful.

6. Keep in Touch with Your Teammates Using Smart Communications

You can share important details with your teammates – and vice versa – using an in-game system that allows you to mark valuable objects and positions on their screens. Before you’ve even attached a microphone, you can locate the location of gear parts (and what they are), highlight risks, and tell your teammates which way you’re heading. Use this to your advantage to ensure that your teammates see what you see.

7. Familiarize Yourself with the arena

Kings Canyon, the map where all Apex Matches take place, is a dangerous playground.

Learning how to navigate, where the hubs of operation are, and finding the best loot are all crucial pieces of information. Knowing your surroundings will allow you to make quicker decisions and navigate more effectively.

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