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Video content is becoming more and more popular! In 2020, 96% of consumers increased their online video consumption. This means that companies like yours need to start publishing more videos on their websites.

Video content can help make your website more engaging, increase your visitors’ dwell time, and even improve your conversion rate. Video marketing is a huge part of running a website today — in this article, we’re going to outline how you can use it effectively.

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Create Videos That Humanize Your Business

If you can humanize your business, people will feel more connected to it, and therefore be more likely to make a purchase. There are a ton of different ways you can use video content to do this! Introduce your team or show off people making your products — and don’t be afraid to conduct a few interviews! Showing off the personality of your team or giving behind-the-scenes peeks of your products will help your website visitors feel more connected to your business, making it more likely that they’ll spend money with you.

For inspiration, let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that have video content on their websites that humanizes them.

Create Videos That Humanize Your Business

Vintage Foundry Co., a handmade shoe company, humanizes their business on their ‘about us’ page. As you can see in the image above, they give a behind-the-scenes look at how their shoes are made.

The video is satisfying and certainly engaging. And, although this video does not show the faces behind the company, necessarily, it still does a good job of humanizing Vintage Foundry Co. It shows a single worker as they carefully craft each shoe. The video shows that these shoes are made with care by ordinary workers, rather than machines and robots. Because you can see these shoes are very much handmade, the video humanizes Vintage Foundry Co.

On your website, consider displaying videos showing how you make your products or how you conduct business. This will help humanize your brand, build trust with website visitors, and bring them closer to making a purchase.

Create Videos That Humanize Your Business 2, a school lockers and storage cabinet retailer, also uses a video that humanizes their business on their homepage. The video, as seen above, features leaders from the company and shows various employees designing the products and installing them. This is a great way for to show off the team behind their work. It also shows that they are a group of people passionate about producing high-quality products!

On your website, don’t be afraid to introduce website visitors to your team through video, as has. Doing this will help humanize your business and make it more likely that visitors will engage with your business and make a purchase.

Use Video To Show Off Your Products And How They Work

People will be more likely to make a purchase with you if they feel like they’re making an informed decision. Product demonstrations or guides are great for ensuring this. They can show people how your items work, what they’re for, how to maintain them, and what people can expect from them.

When creating product demonstrations, always have a clear goal in mind. What are you trying to do with these videos? Are you trying to demonstrate how to build or clean your products, or describe to the audience how they work? You don’t want to do too much with a single video — make sure you have one clear goal in mind.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of businesses that show off their products in videos for inspiration.

Use Video To Show Off Your Products And How They Work

Helix Hearing Care, a supplier of hearing aids, uses video to demonstrate their products on their hearing aid solutions page. The video in the image above discusses hearing aid size and technology and how the products from Helix Hearing Care are small, discreet, and come in different colors. Not only does this give website visitors a bit more context about what Helix Hearing Care offers, but it serves as a selling point for their hearing aids. The video features helpful drawings and diagrams to illustrate how the products work, making it even more effective!

On your website, think about how you can use video to sell your customer on your products — this is especially important if you sell something that is a necessity, like hearing aids or medical products, because people are going to want to know why they should choose you specifically. Using video content this way will help you make more sales.

Use Video To Show Off Your Products And How They Work 2

Looka, an online text logo maker, uses video to explain how their services work. The video, as seen above, shows the user how they can use Looka to design a logo in under five minutes. The video shows just how easy it is to design a top-notch logo by providing a few details, like your industry, the colors you like, and more. Website visitors might be intimidated by the idea of designing a logo themselves but, by showing how easy the tool is to use in a short video, Looka can bring in more customers.

On your website, consider whether it would be practical to use video to give your website visitors an overview of how your products or services work. It can make your business seem less intimidating and encourage viewers to use your products or services!

Create Videos That Make Important Information More Engaging

When you’re running a website or business, there’s always going to be important information that you need prospective clients or customers to know. These details might not be exciting to read about but, if you use video content, you can make it much more engaging.

For instance, you can create videos that explain warranty policies, how to maintain your products, or how to put your products together. Making this type of content more engaging can really help you improve the customer experience!

Let’s take a look at a business that uses this tactic well for inspiration.

Create Videos That Make Important Information More Engaging

Excel Builders, a custom home builder, uses video to explain their home warranty program. Home warranties aren’t exactly an exhilarating topic of conversation, but this video is charming and fun, featuring cartoons and a fictional family. It outlines why you should choose a building company, like Excel Builders, that offers a home warranty. This is a great way to sell the website visitor on the quality of Excel Builders’ services without having to get into the boring nitty-gritty legalese of home warranties.

On your website, consider using video content to explain less interesting topics that might serve as a selling point for customers. It might not seem like the obvious thing to do but, if you can make these details engaging, your customers will be grateful for the explanation and be reassured that you have top-notch services.

Enhance Your Written Content With Related Videos

Different people prefer to consume information and advice in different ways. So, it can be worth presenting your content in multiple formats, like in both video and written form! Video can be used to add something new and engaging to your written blogs or guides, enhancing your content marketing.

When incorporating video content into your blog posts, you’ll need to start by choosing where it will fit best. Which articles of yours have been very successful? If you base video content on them and incorporate this into the guides, you can potentially reach a wider audience and make your content more shareable.

Let’s take a look at an example of a business that uses this tactic well for inspiration.

Enhance Your Written Content With Related Videos

The American Kennel Club, registry of purebred dog pedigrees in the United States, has a variety of articles enhanced with video content. For example, they have a long-form guide on how to potty train a puppy. The article covers needed products, how to reward a dog for good behavior, and more. Additionally, they have a video with a short interview with an expert who elaborates on some of these tips. The video helps give the reader additional tips and information about potty training their dog — not only is the video engaging, but it provides supplemental information that will likely teach them more than the article would alone, making it a great form of video content.

In your articles, include supplementary content where it’s logical. If you have videos related to your blog posts, weave them in to help the user learn more about the topic and keep them engaged on your website. Doing so can help your readers learn more, build trust with them, and potentially lead to more sales down the road.

Win Prospective Customers’ Trust With Video Testimonials

One way to improve the conversion rate of your website is to ensure that it is designed to earn people’s trust and build customer loyalty. Video testimonials can help with this! They’re a form of social proof that will show your website visitors you’re worth working with or buying products from. Video testimonials are particularly effective because viewers will be more likely to believe the testimonial provider and will be happy to put a face to your positive reviews!

You should add testimonials to the service or product pages of your website. And, make sure they’re in a spot where people are likely to see them. This could be next to your call to action button or a contact form. This can serve as a final push to get your website visitors to make a purchase with your business!

Let’s take a look at an example of a business that uses this strategy well for inspiration.

Win Prospective Customers’ Trust With Video Testimonials

SodaStream, a retailer of sparkling water makers, uses testimonials on their homepage in a particularly unique way. In a testimonial on their homepage, they have American rapper, Snoop Dogg, discussing how great the sparkling water from SodaStream is. This is a really eye-catching way to give social proof about the quality of SodaStream, making it a very effective video!

On your website, think about whether you can use influencers, celebrities, or well-known people in your field to discuss the quality of your products or services. Having these people promote your products in a video testimonial will get website visitors excited about your products and encourage them to make a purchase!


In this article, we outlined how you can use video content to improve your website, including by incorporating video testimonials, showing how your products work, and more. Following these strategies can help increase engagement on your website and ultimately boost your sales!

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