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Technology Trends That Are Going To Change The Workplace In 2021


Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few years and transformed the way people lead their lives. Shopping, communication, transportation, and even doing household chores are now primarily conducive to technical devices. Industries are taking advantage of the latest technology and performing their mundane tasks using gadgets. When a new technological device invades the marketplace, it initially disrupts the business operations. Gradually, organizations realize its benefits and invest in it to carry out their activities. The modern office is incomplete without computers and other automated devices as employees need them for necessary communication.

The outbreak of COVID-19 drastically hit the world the previous year and slowed down the global economy. Companies switched to work-from-home mode to keep their businesses afloat. Remote working became the new norm as employees turned to digital tools to perform their work duties and have normalcy semblance. The world is slowly opening now, and many offices have resumed their on-campus operations. Many have learned the use of technology. They are carrying out regular tasks through digital tools. The year 2021 will see innovative technology paving ways into the workplaces. Experts predict that the technology will rapidly evolve the business operation.

Some technological trends which will change the workplace in 2021 are as follows:

1.Innovative Software

Software is an intangible array of instructions that guides the operating systems to perform specific actions. The software has reduced the human workforce as employees now perform actions through some clicks. Digital attendance has replaced manual recording of employees and saved them from the hassle of daily inserting their time-in and time-out. Collaboration among companies has become convenient, and firms can easily reach out to each other. Technology advanced people will continue to experiment with technology and bring about innovative software to perform duties. Several companies need to have numerous conferences simultaneously, and installing conference scheduling solutions will ease the scheduling of their important meetings.

2.AI Will Storm In Offices

AI is not a new phenomenon, as it paved into industries in the past decade. In the new year, AI will further storm in workplaces and ease carrying out various official activities. Companies will integrate AI to have image and speech recognition features for security purposes. Smartphone personal assistants will be more active in reminding employees of their upcoming meetings. Artificial Intelligence can help predict, and organizations will increasingly use this technology to analyze and predict profitability and devise budgets and strategies accordingly.

3.Automated Operations

Various companies have integrated technology and have automated their functioning. The trend will only rise, and other firms will also automate operations. It takes less time to perform regular functions. Automation will ease employees’ lives as they will no longer have to take care of the bundles of paper and will easily do the job with a few clicks. Companies consist of various departments, and a seamless connection among them is crucial for an organizations’ success. Automation will help in linking all departments, which will minimize the chances of misunderstanding.

4.Edge Computing

Edge computing is a new technology that will transform the working in various sectors. Organizations realize the cloud computing shortcomings as the data seems to increase rapidly, and cloud storage does not offer much space. Edge computing will enable workers to process sensitive data even in remote areas and transfer the analyzed data to a centralized location. Edge computing will work with weak or no connectivity as it acts like mini datacenters. The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) will increase further in 2021, consequently boosting edge computing.


The primary advantage of Blockchain is that it offers better security than other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. With Blockchain, companies neither can take away nor offer change as it only allows them to add. The name chain refers to the chain of data that companies will build over time by adding more information. Moreover, Blockchain is distinctive as they are consensus-driven; hence, no company will have a monopoly. Organizations will no longer need a trusted third-party for financial transactions. Blockchain technology will be a valuable asset for companies’ Human Resource departments and change the recruitment and payroll processes. The Internet has removed geographical borders, and companies are looking for international collaboration. Blockchain will significantly help them expand their businesses beyond territorial boundaries, as it is a breakthrough shift in financial matters.

6.Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality creates a robust environment and makes users part of it. Gaming has successfully used VR, and this year, companies will use this advanced technology to provide training to employees. More than half of 2020 education institutes were closed down, and they continued their teaching and learning through digital tools. In 2021, the education sector will use VR to give students a feeling of the virtual classroom. Marketing and entertainment will also integrate VR to reap the benefits of ultra-modern technology.


Technology is evolving at a much rapid pace and continually changing the world around us. In the year gone by, technology became the focal point and enabled companies to continue their functions. Experts predict that many firms may change their mode to work from home mode as it saved them a substantial amount of money. Remote working was the need of 2020, but people will deliberately embrace it and continue with their regular jobs this year. Technology has heavily integrated the modern workplace, and almost every task relies on it.

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