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4 Ways In Which Technology Is Making Workplaces More Productive


Technology has always driven workplace productivity. Since the invention of the wheel, technology has helped humans achieve things more quickly and easily. Technological innovation in the workplace has not always been popular – the Luddite movement sought in vain to reverse the adoption of farming machinery in early modern England, for example 

More often than not, however, new technology is welcomed into the work environment. Here are four ways in which modern technological innovation has been good for business. 

Video Conferencing

The workplace is changing. More than ever before, the workplace is not a physical building but a digital space. The COVID-19 pandemic has hammered home a reality: we can’t take the workplace for granted. Video conferencing tools like Zoom have enabled workplaces to keep running smoothly even if no physical contact is possible between employees. 

Video conferencing is likely to remain a huge part of the modern workplace long after the pandemic has receded. The ability to meet with disparate groups of people will be a huge booster to productivity.  

Project Management

Traditionally, project management has been one of the most complex tasks in business. Project management apps make everything a bit more simple and efficient. Apps like Monday allow project managers to monitor progression, distribute tasks, and set aims in one space. This is far more efficient than having endless checkup meetings and comparing progress data manually. 

Office Automation

Office automation has been recognized as a force in workplace productivity since at least the mid-1980s when financial services companies invested heavily in it. The advent of the internet and powerful, affordable computing in the 1990s and early 2000s really kicked off the workplace’s automation revolution.

Automated processes are making many businesses far more efficient. One field in which automation is making a big splash is procurement and stock management. If sales are fed into a stock automation program, it can automatically order new stock so that no human input is needed to maintain healthy levels of digital procurement.

Cloud Storage

Data is more important than ever for modern businesses. All sorts of data are collected and used to conduct market research, develop strategies, and keep track of stock. Traditionally, companies kept their data on-site. They did this by purchasing large servers with lots of storage capacity. These were hot, maintenance-heavy, and had finite space for new data. Cloud storage refers to the practice of using remote servers accessible over the internet. The proliferation of high-speed internet has meant that more and more companies are able to do away with their local servers entirely and conduct all of their data storage via cloud services.

Final Words

Cloud servers have the advantage of being vast – companies simply pay a little more to upgrade their storage capabilities instantly. They can also be used for much more than simple data storage. Many companies use cloud-based software instead of software downloaded onto their employees’ computers. This means that computing requirements for companies are far more basic – and therefore affordable.

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