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Limetorrents Proxy and Limetorrents Alternatives – June 2020


Limetorrents was started in 2009 and for the past 10 years, it has been included in the list of the top 10 torrent sites every year. The Internet has been taking pirated content as a serious offense, this is why several of the popular torrent platforms in many countries were blocked. Limetorrents is also common, though torrent links to copyrights content are not accessible in a variety of countries. It has been banned by many countries due to the illegal content and can be available via limetorrents proxy and mirror sites. However, other forms are available to access blocked torrent sites to be unblocked. If a website does not work in your region, you can use proxy websites and mirror websites. You should test if the Website is globally accessible or not if you are unable to access the limetorrents Website from your region. If not, limetorrents proxy or unblocked limetorrents mirrors can be used to access the blocked content.

How to Unblock Limetorrents

If your ISP or the workplace/school/college website limetorrents.asia or limetorrents.cc is blocked, you can easily unblock it with the following methods.

1.Tor Browser

TOR is a community of independent networks that help us connect anonymously. You will then use this browser and unblock a limited website.


VPN is a simpler solution. As there is no protection on the proxy link. You can quickly pursue them. Although it isn’t VPNs. Among the most popular VPNs are NordVPN, CyberGhost, TorGuard, Express VPN, and Pure VPN, among others.

3.Proxy Website

Limetorrents can be used through proxy web servers. Limetorrents proxies are checked for availability every hour and sorted according to speed and condition. They make sure you can access the website without revealing your identity.

List of Limetorrent Proxy and Mirrors to unblock limetorrents

Best 12 Limetorrents Alternatives

  1. Zooqle
  2. Kat
  3. Rarbg
  4. Torrent Galaxy
  5. Piratebay
  6. Torrentz2
  7. EZTV
  8. TorrentFunk
  9. 1337x
  10. YTS
  11. YourBittorrent
  12. TorLock


If you are looking for the best TV and film website, Zooqle should be. Its user interface is simple, attractive, and navigable. Thanks to the multiple filter features on the homepage, you can quickly navigate the contents you want. You are bound to enjoy the vast catalog of popular films, videos, and tv shows. In addition, Zooqle has an extremely active customer and developer community, who regularly upload new content to the website. I suggest this website whenever you can not access your torrents via limetorrents. Feel free to contact the 24/7 customer service desk for questions and torrent-related issues.



Kickass Torrent was the undisputed ruler when it comes to stable and high-quality torrent downloads. The magnet provides some of the best downloads with torrents and access to a wide user base. Yet Kickass, extratorrents, torrentz2 is no longer today. It was shut down following incessant attempts by governments and institutions to close it down. Since its departure from the torrent community, there has since been another alternative site claiming the brand name. Since then, there has been a new website called Katcr. This has a user interface and backup files that are almost identical to former team members of Kickass Backup. Like its supposed predecessor, it also comes with a secure and safe database. An elegant style of products grouped in various groups is something that I love most about Katcr.co. Any of the available categories are film, TV shows Songs, etc. In Combination with filtering methods such as subcategories, search intervals, and search columns, web control is fast and easy. Overall, Katcr.co is a really nice place when limetorrents refuses to access your favorite torrents.



All that have ever used torrent pages of RARBG know how awesome it is on the website. The torrents that you download from LimeTorrents are not only authentic and verified, they can also be downloaded at very high speed with torrent files from other locations. RARBG offers the most robust online formats, including free torrents for movies, tv shows, sports, apps, ebooks, and a lot more. Limetorrents have been blocked? Looking for alternative ways of accessing RARBG? RARBG can be unblocked with several choices. Limetorrents are the most viable proxy & mirror websites. Yet it can be a difficult thing to locate the functioning lime torrent proxies. Happily, operators and other torrent freaks are helping us from time to time with the new proxy and mirror pages. Lime torrent mirror sites are equivalent to fresh content data, indexes, and updates.


Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy has one of the safer websites with NSFW minimal dark publicity. The directory is easy and you can find a large web store without too much difficulty. It isn’t so common yet, but it is rising slowly in traffic and optimistic seeds. It is one the best limetorrents alternatives

This is a project of the TorrentGalaxy team: Our mission is to have the best experience for consumers by delivering free, clean content with the name you know you can trust. In several categories, we have a broad range of trustworthy uploaders that match your needs. TGxMovie and TGxTv are available on our website always to find the best selection of films and TV shows, 24/7and 365 days a year.

Torrent Galaxy
torrent galaxy

The Pirate Bay

While Pirate Bay Moves a lot, it has been around for a very long time in some way. It is one of the most common websites to download torrents with features that display that seeder is an effective and trustworthy replacement of limetorrents. It contains metadata. The search engine is functional and uploads for new content are generally easy to use.

You may have problems accessing this website because it moves a good deal, but it is easy to download what you are searching for once you have the site. It’s a great indication that the contents are safe and no problem with malware needs to be addressed. We recommend VIP seeders to look for.

pirate bay


In the past, Torrentz2 came up with the Torrentz2.eu domain that offers the same functionalities and features as Torrent, but with a different domain name after a few times. The Torrentz Service is really useful and is a special service that helps all users to specifically look for a torrent between the 80+ torrent site, by looking it at Torrent. So once a torrent is searched by Torrent or Torrentz2, it is searched for 80 + famous torrent sites along with limetorrents.

Torrentz2 is one of the best search engines to browse and upload torrent files on more than 80 popular torrent websites on the ‘net. It got so famous that lovers of the torrent sometimes called it the “Torrent Search.”

For many torrent enthusiasts, the download of Movies, Games, and Software is essential. But many sites including Torrentz2 must be shut down under strict internet piracy and regulations.



When uploading TVshows, EZTV is a common brand.It offers full TV shows, years of anime series, and EZTV users can not find alternatives to the torrent network in order to find such incredible TV torrents so quickly. The site has also improved over the years, adding new features, filters, etc. And, if the platform won’t load for you, it is genuinely irritating.

If this website is down, it is understandable, but you can’t access it directly through your browser if EZTV is blocked by your ISP or government agencies, etc. which is extremely annoying.

Thankfully, employees at EZTV and other volunteers were allowed to join EZTV free of charge with a set of EZTV Proxy and Mirror. The same information as the original domain, index, and changes is available on these EZTV proxy pages. They have a common name, the only distinction.



TorrentFunk is considered the best website to find millions of videos, TV shows, web series(in particular the best Indian web series), paid apps, and much more and is also king of torrent search engine pages. TorrentFunk was launched at the beginning of 2011 and since then, according to Google Trend data, its success has grown exponentially. Sometimes, when you are searching for a torrent file of your favorite movie or something else that you cost, you visit the Website. At the same time, it is impossible to forget the position of some big alternatives to TorrentFunk. This website also provides torrent files that users scan for. Previously, this website was a torrent website, meaning that it supported files from other torrent websites that have been scanned. After some time, however, this website built its own servers and started to sell its users torrent files, unlike, limetorrents.

The website has been subject to a great deal of upkeep and this website has been accessible for all people, despite all of these items. But shortly after this website was launched, this website again suffered from server breakdowns and other minor issues that hindered users from accessing their beloved torrent files. Moreover, the company has since lost its protection clearance, and governments of various countries are also forbidden from doing so.



1337x Torrent site: Several successful torrent sites do not function yet and most are not secured.

I have tried to see the speed, library size, and easy to use of 35 of the most respectable downpour destinations. I discovered the 10 best torrent sites in 2020 from my examination. The locations I propose are dynamic and safe but you must find a way to ensure you are torrenting despite all the facts.

Torrent websites are changing continuously to keep them away from shutdown, which means that they are not always safe. For programmers and various damaging on-screen characters, it is easy to use downpour targets by contaminating them with harmful malware or messing with your private information.



YTS is popular for new videos, movies, tv shows, and music. After then the website has seen several different domain names and is currently hosted on YTS.am. YIFY Torrents in 2010. YiftachSwery is his founder’s name. There are a large number of YIFY proxy sites that surf the web just like an alien proxy. he was an app, web developer, and arch champion from New Zealand.

In August 2011, the YIFY brand was fast enough to allow a YIFY Torrents official website to be launched, although the United Kingdom authorities ultimately found it unhappy. To escape this ban, consumers have launched a backup page, yify-torrents.im



YourBittorrent is a common term for those of you who have been using torrents for a long time now.YourBittorrent is a popular website known earlier as MyBittorrent for public trackers and limetorrents. The website offered checked torrents with thousands of videos, applications, and e-books of high quality. In the same way, YourBittorrentalso provides torrents that are high-quality, fast, and verified, and safe.

YourBittorrent is loaded regularly with hundreds of torrents with a huge range of trackers and seeders. TV shows, videos, apps, games, eBooks, etc. As soon as You try to use the torrents of this website, Torrent updates will seem very sluggish from other torrent websites. Therefore, if you are a user of YourBittorrent, if this site is down or not accessible, you do not want to move to another torrent website.



Do you hate torrent connections bogus and magnet ties unresponsive? TorLock is very well aware of this and only deals with checked torrents. The website provides a very simple interface to content that can be easily found in groups. In addition to torrent lists, the homepage has a search tab and a range of other filter resources.

The contents of Torlock have been separated into various torrent groups. Like eBooks, apps, sports, TV shows, films, and many more. And a 24/7 customer service team and an engaging online forum are available for all of your questions and concerns.

Simply placed, TorLOck gives its checked flows a special mix of consistency and uniqueness. If you have difficulty accessing RARBG, this is a very good option to try.



In this article, we tried to share the limetorrents proxy and mirrors sites to help you access the original limetorrents site, in case you do not want to use the proxies so, you can use limetorrents alternatives.



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