EZTV Proxy and Torrent Mirror sites simply represent the main domain of the EZTV and its entire torrent content. These sites are owned and operated by former employees and host the same library and torrent files, even if they are in different domain names.

So, even if EZTV is banned in your region, you can still access the main domain through these proxy sites and download movies, TV, Softwares, and many more. These rarbg proxy / rarbg mirrors are the safest way to avoid the restrictions imposed by ISPs in your country.

Now, you can get EZTV unblocked in your country and have access to premium content for free! So, are you ready to download the latest movies?

What is EZTV? Why should we use EZTV Proxy?

EZTV is basically a torrent indexing site with mostly validated torrents. The risk of malware and viruses is very low as each stream is checked.You can download movies, anime, apps, games, and TV shows for free from EZTV. Interestingly, you won’t find any adult content on EZTV. So, this is a family safe. But it had been banned by ISP so you need eztv proxy to access original eztv.

How to Unblock EZTV through EZTV Proxy?

There are two main reasons why you can’t access EZTV. First, it must be blocked by your ISP or network management. Currently, EZTV is blocked in the UK, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and India.

Can you check if there are limitations or not? If it is above, it will be blocked by your ISP. If so, you can easily circumvent your control by using a proxy site or TOR browser.

If the EZTV is permanently down, you must keep the EZTV mirrors to access the EZTV. Below, I have provided a list of EZTV proxy and specs. They are tested and tested for their availability, speed, and position.

List of EZTV Proxy / Mirror sites

EZTV Proxy
EZTV Proxy/Mirror siteURL
EZTV Proxy 1https://eztv.ukunblock.download/
EZTV Proxy 2https://eztv.unblocked.bet/
EZTV Proxy 3https://eztv.red/
EZTV Proxy 4http://eztv.rocks/
EZTV Proxy 5https://eztv.unblocked.pl/
EZTV Proxy 6https://eztv.unblockall.org/
EZTV Proxy 7https://eztv.ag/
EZTV Proxy 8http://eztvproxy.com/
EZTV Proxy 9http://eztvmirror.com/
EZTV Proxy 10https://eztv.bypassed.cool/

How To Use EZTV to Download Torrents?

Follow the steps below to download movies safely using EZTV.

Step 1: Turn on the VPN on your computer

Step 2: Click on any of the above EZTV Proxy / Mirror sites

Step 3: This will take you to the homepage. You can watch movies, TV shows, and anime

Step 4: Look for seeds and leeches and health before downloading a torrent file

Step 5: Now open the torrent file with a torrent client like uTorrent and wait for the download

Top EZTV Alternatives or Similar Sites

  • Torrentz2
  • 1337x


Overview of Torrentz2
ContentMovies, TV shows, music, applications, games, ebooks, and more.
BannedMight be targeted by individual ISPs.
Torrents Size6+,000,000+ torrents.

torrentz2 has been online for a couple of¬†times. However, it seems to be gaining popularity by offering bitcoin content material of the many¬†styles. torrentz2 are highlighted by way of the repute bar of every¬†torrent. Compared to Proxy eztv, it saves you time by downloading precise content and letting you recognize if it’s worth downloading


Overview of RARBG
ContentMovies, games, music, software, adult content.
BannedBanned in several countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland).
Torrents SizeMore than 800,000 files.

Rarbg torrents that existed 10 years within the past and now exceed 10 million torrents added. it’s an API that creates it clean to integrate with any website and therefore the superior seek and display capabilities make it very clean to use. Also, unlike eztv proxy sites, Rarbg proxy has a user balloting system, also as full network participation to update your content.


Overview of YTS
ContentMovie files (720p, 1080p, and 3D).
BannedBanned in some countries and by certain ISPs.
Torrents SizeMore than 20,000 torrent files.

What if I look for movies? you’ve got all kinds of series and films on yify, and yes, that’s a legitimate opportunity for everyone. However, just like eztv here is that the other sort of content material, alongside specialization movies. Additionally, it also has giant content across the movies. These are some working yify proxy sites.


Overview of 1337x
ContentMovies, TV shows, games, music, applications, anime, adult content.
BannedBanned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
Torrents SizeMore than 3,500,000 torrent files.

1337x is that the most complete BitTorrent system. Its purpose is to supply easy-to-use torrent files and seek engine for all kinds of torrent files. Similar to eztv, 1337x site visitors can add torrents to the present site and share it with the world.

Is EZTV illegal?

One of the most frequent questions about downloading torrent content from torrenting sites is “Is torrenting legal?” In principle, it is. However, if you are downloading and redistributing copyrighted content, it is illegal.

The copyright holder may take legal action against you. It falls under the category of theft content. This means that if you share content that is not copyrighted, torrenting is completely legal.


We tried our best to provide you the working eztv proxy and mirror sites to unblock eztv for you. So, you can download movies. tv shows and many more things.


What is EZTV?

EZTV is basically a torrent indexing site with mostly validated torrents. You can download movies, tv shows, games, anime from eztv.

What is the best Eztv proxy?

We have shared a list of working and secure eztv proxy sites in 2020

What is EZTV domain?

It’s eztv.ag

Are these proxies are safe to use?

Yes, These are safe to use. We have tested these proxies sites and highly recommend it to others.

Do I need a VPN to use them?

Yes. You will need a VPN to use some of them.


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