If you are in the house and need to make a group video call out of your Android as a matter of urgency? We have curated the list of top video call apps for android in 2020. Otherwise, you just bored calling your friends and buddies on camera. Well, you’ve always had Skype, but that’s certainly not the only option. Besides Skype, you can bring your friends, family, and friends together in several other ways. These other applications even allow you to share screens, documents, videos, record discussions, videos, etc. So here are some of the strongest collection of Android video calls.

12 Top Video Call Apps for Android


Begin with Skype because the application that supports group video calls is probably the oldest application in the world. Skype was available on Windows even before Android and iOS were present. Skype ‘s popularity is that it is available on PC, Mac, browsers, and PlayStation not only on mobile platforms. This makes connecting with people using their laptops easier. You can watch more with a bigger screen.

You can call a group up to 10 people, but Skype tells you that there’s a different number. It’s good for 3-5 people in my experience. You can call videos for a maximum of 100 hours per month with a 10-hour daily limit, as per their FUP (Fair Usage Policy). Your screen may also be shared.

The interface is not the simplest and most intuitive, and my Android works slowly. You can also share your display and files on the plus side. Skype also helps you to dial standard telephone numbers with a surcharge. If you do not have Android and iOS with participants in the called party, you can also chat on the Skype site.


Google ‘s response to Skype is Hangouts. A free chat message application that supports group video on various devices and platforms, including Android. Although WhatsApp operates on saved numbers, Hangouts is logging in to the Gmail ID. Up to 10 users can log into the WhatsApp and speak to you concurrently.

It plays well with other Google services like Drive, Calendar, Maps, and Gmail as a Google Product. With your existing Android or Gmail account, you can join Hangouts. Sharing papers, screens, and emoticons are sponsored. But Hangouts is different, it has a Hangout Air option, which allows you to hold webinars. And it’s free and ad-supported, similar to every Google product. For teachers and specialists, it’s really useful.

In addition, you can record and post video calls from your Hangouts Group on your YouTube channel directly. Similar to Skype, if you don’t have Android or iOS on your group call participants, you may also chat from the Hangout web.


3.Facebook Messenger

One of the world’s most common chat apps is Facebook Messenger. Many people don’t like the app, we realize. We believe that much research is still required. Yet so many people use Facebook that Facebook Messenger is important. The experience with video chat works very well. As most users on Facebook are familiar, it is easier than convincing to reach a new network and use this app. Moreover, the latest advertisements are not perfect. It is not ideal, but maybe the most useful feature in this series is the video call. It’s safe at least.


JusTalk is one of the lesser-known video chat applications. But it’s pretty good, honestly. You will style your template as you wish. In addition, when you make a video call, you can do stuff like doodle to bring some fun to the process. There is also community chat, security, and app support. It is a suitable alternative to something like Google Duo that mainly includes video calls. However, we don’t see that it is too competitive with a chat app with video chat functionality as well. You can download and use the app free of charge. The purchases in the application are for subjects and other personalization advantages. They don’t really affect features.


Houseparty is now the # 1 trending app that has millions of downloads in a few weeks. The app imitates multiple chatrooms in the house party environment. In a single chatroom, you can have up to 8 people but can enter a chat room with any friend (unless it is private). On top of that, Houseparty offers a lot of games, which you can enjoy during your community video chat. I enjoyed “Heads Up” for something like the Dum Charades, except on a phone call. There are also three other Trivia, drawing games and so on.

Houseparty is a fantastic way of spending time and has seen an increase in users recently. This impacts your servers’ bandwidth, and you can notice the link decreases in your video call sometimes. In nearly one year, the app was still not updated.


Quest for places such as Gruveo for more functionality? FreeConference provides strong, cost-effective video conferencing calls. This service offers more business-orientated features than the others, such as audio dial-in numbers.

FreeConference allows you to schedule meetings and automatically send reminders, but if you don’t need a prior note, you can also start meetings immediately. Calls for swapping device features and moderator buttons to silence loud callers quickly. With the mobile calling apps, you can keep track of your meetings.


Viber is another popular 2020 Android video call app, which has long been in the Play Store. Since then, the software has been upgraded and filled with several features. It is cross-platform and accessible for almost all operating systems and mobile devices including Blackberry, Windows Phone, Ios, and Apple.

Viber provides safe user communication and automates the encryption of text, video and voice calls, photos, and group chats. The GUI is simple to use and it is very simple to do a video chat, just click on the camera sign next to the names of the user and start chatting. Also, Viber games with friends can be played, public accounts followed, contact files shared, etc.


Whatsapp is also qualifying for Best Android Video Calling Apps as one of the most common messaging app. It is a multi-platform device, and users use Android, iOS, and Windows devices to make millions of video calls every day. The call function is easy and users’ obstacles decrease, just open the connection you want and press the video call button.

Only one-on-one conversations contain voice and video call options, but the video call functions quite well and you should face no problems with it while you are using it. The app also includes text messages, media files, GIFs, authentication stickers, etc. The app is safe and free of charge. There are also no ads on it.

9.IMO free video call and chat

IMO is a basic video chat app for Android, and is useful for making free video and voice calls over 2 G, 3 G, 4 G, or Wi-Fi networks. It is cross-platform and compliant with both iOS and Android. Besides email, audio, and video calls, the app doesn’t come with a lot of apps. Nevertheless, it is a reliable device because it offers complete protection to the messages and the calls.

You can also make community calls, post pictures, send stickers, etc. Users also said that IMO uses less data when doing video chats compared to other applications. It is free to download, but you have to deal with certain ads inside the app.


Zoom isn’t the first name we think about calling the video, but since the outbreak, the platform has really gone up. Over recent weeks, the U.S. online meeting service has seen its user base expand and has managed traffic very well so far.

Following the development of an online trolling form — ZoomBombing — Zoom ‘s security increased, promoting the use of passwords, and turning on the default feature known as the Waiting Room. In conclusion, it doesn’t only encourage you to host up to 100 people for free but is one of the best choices available with a 40-minute cap on group meetings.


OOVOO is a free application for groups of 12 participants to make group video calls. It is available for Amazon Fire, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Snd it has certain features like the opportunity, with the rest of members, to make a video call or view YouTube videos.

It retains its sales by advertising because it is a free download. While consumers can continue with the premium advertisement removal package. And add some additional features such as mobile, computer, and cloud storage synchronization.


Perhaps the most efficient and easy to use the app for group videos calls for mobile devices to be found. Google Duo gives us the chance, with a limit of 8 participants, to make video conferences. And thanks to its web version, it is available for Android, iOS, and PC.

Since there are so many advanced functions lacking in other apps such as Hangouts, it’s so direct and intuitive. However, the quickest and most effective way to achieve this is to try and establish a video connection with several people as simple as possible. Particularly recommended for those who “do not match technology.”



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