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Want to know how to track an iphone using some common and easy to use tracking software? This article includes information on how to track an iphone with some simple and free tracking software tools available online. If you want to track your lost iphone then read on to find out more.

Track an iPhone

To get quick results, it’s important to understand exactly where your phone is at all times. We’ve analyzed an expert-vetted guide to see what is the easiest way is to track your mobile phone. So, the best way to do it is with the help of an online tracking application available on both iOS and android devices. You can read the guide here.

There are many such applications available on the internet for both Android and iPhone. Some of them require you to first install a separate third-party application on the specific mobile phone you want to track. For instance, android device tracking software requires you to install an “iptsroid” android tracking application before you can use it to track your iphone.

Track iPhone Using Google Account

Another effective way on how to track an iphone is by signing into their Google account. Google Now functionality includes the ability to track your Gmail, Yahoo mail, and other email accounts that are synced to your google account. However, you’ll have to either know the target’s password or data recovery information.

Another way to track an iPhone is to find a special application called mSpy for iPhone. This software allows you to monitor text messages and calls made by a particular phone number you specify. 

The best part about this type of application is that it works in the background so you don’t even need to stop your work or go to a webpage to start tracking activities for a specific phone number. This means that you can continue working while enjoying your daily dose of e-work while knowing how to track an iphone.

However, this application is not free so you will have to pay a small fee in order to find out the information you are looking for. 

The basic information that will be provided for you includes the location, carrier and address of where the user is located along with details such as whether they are currently planning on leaving the country, what provider they are using and whether they are signed up to any social networking sites. 

The app provides additional information such as seeing data presented in real time, how many phone calls they made, where they are currently staying and how long they have been gone for.

Lastly, you can always resort to Find My iPhone to track the phone’s location. While this app doesn’t have any additional tracking features, it’s still free and easy-to-use. Remember, though, that it only works if the phone’s location services are turned on. If they’re off or their internet connection is down, this option won’t work as ideally.


So, how to track an iphone? You have two options, the first is how to track an iphone by manually searching through data stored within your address book. This may be time consuming and very tedious especially if you have a lot of numbers to search. Or, you can use free apps with limited functionality. However, our recommendation are spy apps.

These highly-rated reverse phone services come in handy because they’re easy to use and difficult to remove. By paying the small fee required to access real-time GPS tracking services you will get accurate, up-to-date information in just seconds right from your computer screen.

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