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Why You Should Report Scam Calls and Emails & How To Do It


Receiving countless spam phone calls and emails can be a pain. We’ve all been there. In today’s day and age, it seems like scammers have hit an all time high. Whether it’s an unwanted robocall or a suspicious phishing email, scammers often try to trick consumers into giving out personal information. 

While some spam calls and emails are simply annoying, others can actually lead to potentially harmful situations. For example, some scammers try to impersonate federal entities or try to steal your passwords and account numbers, to eventually take your money or even try to steal your identity as a whole. 

If you are tired of receiving scam calls and emails, you are in the right place. Read on to learn about why you should report scam calls and emails and how to do it.

How to Avoid Scam Calls and Emails

Before we dive into some ways to report spam calls and emails, it is also important to know how to avoid them in the first place. Here are several ideas that you can implement to help you spend less time dodging scam calls and more time communicating with your family and friends.

Using a Burner Phone Number

One of the best ways to help you steer clear of scam calls and to better maintain your privacy is to use a burner phone number. 

Back in the day when prepaid phones and throw-away burner phones were in, you could have a second phone number on a physical phone to use for everything from protecting your privacy to making sure that your phone calls weren’t traced. While throw away phones aren’t really a thing anymore, you can still reap the amazing benefits of having a burner phone by using a burner phone app. 

A convenient burner phone app will give you the ability to create up to three phone numbers so that you can organize your social circles while also protecting your anonymity. Once your new numbers are all set up, you can even turn on the spam blocking and mute features to ensure that only your chosen contacts can reach you. This will help to eliminate any alarming scam calls and will make you feel at ease when answering the phone.

Protect Your Private Information

Another way to help you fight spam is to protect your private information. You can protect your private information by never posting your personal email in public places or online for the general public to see. Many scammers spend time lurking on the internet, just searching for email addresses and phone numbers to send spam too.

So instead of publicly posting your personal email address or phone number online, simply create a business email to use instead. This will help to reduce the amount of scam emails you receive on your personal account and will also help to protect your privacy. 

Be Careful What You Click On

If you want to avoid spam phone calls and emails, an important rule to follow when surfing online is to think before you click. Try not to click on any spam content or suspicious links, and do not reply to any spam emails you may receive. Instead, simply report it.

Why You Should Report Scam Calls and Emails

You should report scam phone calls and emails because this can help to reduce the amount of spam communications you receive, and it can also help to protect others from harmful cyber crimes. By reporting spam calls and emails, this can also help federal agencies and investigators to locate scammers and to block their servers from sending out more harmful content in the future. 

How to Report Scam Calls and Emails

One of the easiest ways to report scam calls and emails is to contact the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC works to go after individuals and companies who are behind unwanted robocalls and phishing emails. They also operate a national ‘Do Not Call Registry’ that you can use to report any suspicious phone numbers.

You can also report phone and email scams to your local government by contacting your state consumer protection office. Depending on your state, they may have resources available to help you if you are involved in a fraudulent scam or are being bothered by a telemarketer. 

Final Remarks

All in all, using a burner phone number and being mindful of what you click on will help you to protect your private information and dodge unwanted scam calls and emails. Remember to always report any suspicious communications to the right agencies, so that action will be taken and the scammers will be stopped. Also, if you have a smartphone, make sure that you block scam phone calls as soon as you receive them, this way that same number will not be able to contact you again in the future.

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