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10 Reasons to Use HubSpot as Your CMS for Your Business


HubSpot CMS is a proven solution in a range of marketing applications and helps to improve results, in particular for e-commerce, software/technology and healthcare industries. A content management system is used for creating, editing and tracking content so that you can convert prospects into loyal customers. Many businesses use the HubSpot CMS system to boost results, such as inbound marketing agency Fuelius. Find out why you should use HubSpot as your CMS for your business today. 


All businesses need to be secure and many practices are put in place to try and prevent data leaks and cyber attacks. HubSpot’s CMS provides an effective 24/7 security team who can monitor and detect any threats. This gives users peace of mind knowing that their important information is in safe hands, ensuring their focus can instead be on customer experiences and visitors. A HubSpot CMS site also comes with a standard SSL certificate, saving you money and time sourcing your own as well as helping build trust between you and your visitors.

Content creation 

Content can easily be created, even those with little technical ability can create effective and strong blogs, websites, landing pages and much more. There is the option to use customisable themes and drag and drop page builders that are mobile and desktop responsive, so content is built to be suitable for all devices. 


The HubSpot CMS platform puts the marketer first so that they can put their customers first. The marketer is able to have full control over the entire website from start to finish. With a wide range of themes, features and tools to use, there is flexibility in the usage, design and customer experience.


It is likely that your business has more than one buyer persona who is searching for different solutions, in different locations and at a different lifecycle stage. With HubSpot CMS, smart content and CTAs can be created to specifically target each persona, making content more relevant and engaging to each individual. This in turn, ensures a higher conversion rate. 


Optimising content to suit your target audience is a great way to boost performance. With built-in reporting it makes optimisation much simpler. HubSpot CMS offers traffic analytics, custom reporting, A/B testing and reporting to help understand exactly what is performing well and what drives the most leads. 

Grow your business 

HubSpot can help to grow your brand. With the CMS platform, when needed, additional root domains can be created and all site information can be viewed in one location. Custom dashboards can be created, where multi-domain traffic reporting can be seen. 


HubSpot’s CMS Hub and CRM come integrated, making it much simpler to keep track of engagement statistics of site visitors, which can then be used to create tailored messages to target specific individuals and groups. It is possible to see and keep track of how visitors interact with each specific piece of content from the first visit to the buying stage and further, giving marketers full visibility of the customer journey to continually optimise.  

Integration with other products 

When a business signs up to use HubSpot CMS, there are then free or paid versions of their other products, such as the CRM to integrate your systems and help boost conversions and keep track of visitors. There is no need to have to constantly sign in and out of lots of different marketing platforms, instead all the systems needed are in one handy location and can be integrated including sales, marketing and service tools. 

Goal orientated

HubSpot CMS helps businesses reach their goals. With a fully integrated system, it makes it much simpler to put your prospects first, allowing processes to be streamlined and performance to be improved. With clear processes that are simple to track, it helps to improve accountability and transparency, and therefore it is easier to track and reach goals. 

Different plans

There is a range of content management systems plans available to suit your business’s budget. Starter plans start at £19 a month, professional plans start at £297 a month and enterprise plans are £990 a month. Each comes with slightly different features, however, if utilised correctly can enhance your business. 

No matter what industry your business is in or the size of the company, HubSpot CMS is a fantastic system that can grow with your business and enhance its results. When it comes to investing in tools, it’s important that it is the right tool for your business. With HubSpot, it is possible to integrate with a range of systems so all the information you need is in one secure location for marketing, sales and services. 

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