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Tips for Communicating With Your Colleagues Online


Communication is an essential part of any workplace. After all, how well a company can communicate together can often be a make or break factor for them. If there is poor or non-existent communication, then more and more problems will occur regularly. From staff conflict to roles not being fulfilled, this is definitely an issue you are going to want to address sooner rather than later. 

For companies who use a remote style of working, this can be even more difficult. Talking online, more problems are likely to occur. This is because face-to-face communication is far easier to understand and improve. However, in modern times, this isn’t exactly something you can workaround. For a lot of companies, it is just something that they will have to get used to. There are some things that you and your colleagues can do to make sure that communication runs a little bit more smoothly. If you feel like you and your workplace could benefit from that, then consider some of the following.¬†

Try to Reply Fast During Office Hours

When you are working online, you don’t traditionally talk to people as much as you would in the office. This is because there isn’t too much need for the likes of small talk as you do not face to face. When you are talking to colleagues online, it is usually because there is something important to discuss. This means you should really try your best to reply as fast as you can during office hours. Your colleague could be waiting for your response before they continue on with a task or job. If you reply as fast as you can, they will be more likely to do the same for you. This kind of communication allows for more work to be done and less time to be wasted.¬†

Keep Your Conversations Encrypted 

When you are discussing your work with a colleague, there is a good chance that you don’t really want anyone else to see what you are talking about. Just because you aren’t talking about anything bad doesn’t mean you can’t keep things private. After all, your conversations should be for you and your colleagues’ eyes only. This is why it could be a good idea to use encryption software when you are speaking with fellow workers. Similar to No1bc, Ghostchat can provide this service for you. By using this kind of software, you will feel far safer and more content with your conversations regarding work.¬†

Be Clear and Concise 

It’s best for you to be clear and concise while you are going back and forth with a coworker. This means it is clear what your point is, and vice-versa. There is really no need for additional information or sentences. If you need a favor, the message should really just include what that favor is, etc. Also, try to use language that is simplistic and clear. So as much as you might like being aesthetic with your language, try to keep it clear.¬†

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