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What CPU Do You Need – PC Requirements


Want to buy a new CPU? What you choose will depend on what your requirements are. Whether you are building your own PC or looking to upgrade your system, your CPU matters a lot. 

You can look at ETB Tech for some CPU processors. 

Intel CPUs or AMD CPUs? It can be difficult to know which brand to buy. Intel has been a long-standing producer of excellent CPU cores and continues to offer top-of-the-line Intel core products. 

AMD has made a lot of progress in their CPU offering and delivering quality CPUs for gaming, production, and streaming. 

Once you have determined your main use for your PC, you should evaluate the cost of the CPU and how long you will keep it before updating to help you make a decision. 

1) What do You Want to Do with Your CPU?


Gaming performance does not require the most impressive CPU on the market, and a mid-range or the best budget CPU with a dedicated GPU can be the perfect option if you are budget-conscious. The Intel Core i5 or the AMD Ryzen 5 may be a perfect choice. You may also consider a CPU with integrated graphics. 

Creative Work

If you want to use your PC to edit, stream, and create games, then a higher-end CPU will be the right CPU for you, as these are more CPU-intensive tasks. The Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 may be good for the task, as they have higher clock speeds. 

2) How to Read Model Numbers

Understanding how to read model names and numbers will help you understand how they operate. Most model numbers are based on a scale from worst to best. 

Lower numbers will indicate a lesser performance, while higher numbers are better performing CPUs.  Higher-end CPUs do cost a lot more, so just be aware that you will pay more for increased performance. 

3) Speed, Core Count, Threads, and TPD

The CPU clock speed will tell you how responsive your CPU is, and a higher clock speed is better. Speed comparison only functions within a single generation of CPU, and cannot be compared to previous generations. 

How many cores will depend on what you want your PC to do. 4 to 8 cores are good for a gaming CPU. Video editing and broadcasting may require multiple cores to increase processing capacity. 

CPU threads and threading technology is being widely marketed, although not a lot of games utilize thread technology. Nonetheless, a hyper-threaded CPU will have significantly more speed than a lower thread CPU.  

The thermal design power  (TPD) is the maximum heat a chip generates. By knowing the heat generated, you can ensure you have the right CPU cooler

Get the Perfect CPU

When looking at CPU specs, first know what you are going to need it for. 

Figure out what is your budget, and make the choice that is right for you, whether it is an Intel CPU or AMD’s modern CPUs. 

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