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With the ever-growing internet users, it amounts to a huge collection of Data. A business cannot thrive if it will not analyze the data collected. This is where a Business Intelligence Analyst comes into play, they help businesses to sort their complex data and use it to increase efficiency and generate the maximum profit possible through Data. The role of a BI Analyst is too big and crucial for a firm, that is why this career allows professionals to bag huge packages. With the increase in IT-based businesses and the increase in complex data, the companies are in dire need of BI Analysts. Read this post thoroughly to understand the journey to becoming a BI Analyst.

What is a Business Intelligence Analyst?

A BI Intelligence Analyst is known for their skills to analyze data and empower the decision-making of a Company with his knowledge to examine business trends. However, besides being good at data analytics, they also develop business acumen to provide real-time business world insights which enhance productivity and increase the efficiency of the employees of a company.

BI Analysts know the right tools required to mine data and bring maximum profit out of that data. They are proficient at computer programming languages, tools, and systems. By utilizing all of their knowledge they help their businesses to identify areas where changes are needed to grow the business.

Roles of a BI Analyst 

A Business Intelligence Analyst is also known as  BI Analyst, now you must be wondering what a BI Analyst does? What are the skills to obtain? Keep reading to know it all. A BI Analyst analyzes data, mines data, models the data, and uses BI data visualization techniques to search the ways so that they can make efficient changes to their organization to meet the maximum potential of a business.

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What we discussed was the primary work of a BI Analyst, however, besides taking care of data and data warehouse. They indulge themselves in daily activities of an organization like interacting with employees, communicating with stakeholders, and letting them know of the performance of the business, through PowerPoint slides and using their data analytical knowledge. We have discussed the roles of Business Intelligence Analyst in a more descriptive manner below:

  • They analyze and mine data including the expenditure and profit reports, financial and employment reports.
  • Analyzing data to produce a required solution to increase efficiency.
  • Optimizing the cost of business activities and examining the performance.
  • They also assess the benefits of changes and the efficacy of adopted strategies.
  • They make presentations to demonstrate the various changes required and let them know the growth of the organization.
  • Developing strategies to outpace the rivals and competitors of their businesses with their growth.

We have discussed the role of BI Analyst. Now, if you were wondering the skills required to become a good BI Analyst, we have mentioned them below:

  • Descriptive analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data collection methods
  • A/B testing
  • Forecasting
  • Correlation and causation
  • Regression analysis
  • Data visualization and interpretation

Don’t be disappointed if you do not carry any of these skills, because many online platforms are teaching skills and nobody was born with a skill like Descriptive Analytics. All of them are acquired skills.

How to Become a BI Analyst?

Having a degree in Business, economics, statistics, or any other similar 4-year bachelor’s degree is preferable. However, our readers from different backgrounds can also dream of becoming BI Analysts. We have discussed the trajectory of becoming a BI Analyst in the following steps:

Obtain Certification in BI Analysts

This is the very step in your path to becoming a successful BI Analyst. There are various courses available on online platforms like Coursera, Simplilearn, etc, which can help you to learn this course. Having a certificate in a course shows your area of expertise and lets the recruiters know that you are a legitimate holder of a certain skill. Try looking for courses which include skills like:

  • Hadoop
  • Python 
  • R
  • SAS

Besides having acquired skills, one should also focus on soft skills like communication, problem-solving, etc. Having a certificate in BI Analyst will help you to bag a good job, through this you will get some experience of the business world.

Pursue an Advanced Degree

Learning never stops, once you have gained work experience of 2 or 3 years. Go for an advanced degree such as MSc in Business Analytics, which will help you to learn some more skills. You can also go for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), it will also provide you with the skills required to become a successful Business Analyst.

Start applying to Business Intelligence Analyst Job Posts

A Master’s degree will open the gates for the BI Analyst job, you may not get a job with a very high salary in the beginning. However, in this field, you can grow only through your skills and experience. While interviewing, recruiters might not be interested in your marks and your degree, because they have thousands of applications. Instead, they will assess your confidence and your communication skills. So, before applying you should pay attention to the way you carry yourself, your speaking skills, and other such soft skills so that you can bag a high package.

Keep Learning

The key to becoming successful in this industry is that you should never stop learning. Keep getting knowledge, the business world is very dynamic and business trends change every day. One should be aware of the market trends so that one can apply strategies accordingly. Keep brushing your other soft skills like communication, because every successful person puts stress on the importance of this skill. And your hard skills like programming, data analytics, and other such skills.

Salary and Scope as a Business Intelligence Analyst 

This career is very lucrative, and it all depends upon your hard work. According to Glassdoor, a statistics collection website. A business intelligence analyst on average in the US makes $84,635 per annum. And that too, in the beginning, check out salaries for the different job posts in this industry.

Data Analyst$65,981
Business Analyst$75,339
Business Intelligence Consultant$76,864
Product Analyst$91,517
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst$103,055
Business Intelligence Architect $112,049
Business Intelligence Manager$116,684

In the beginning, BI Analysts can start their career with a job post of Data Analyst and later on can shift toward BI consultants, BI architects, managers, or other senior positions.


We hope that you have learned something beneficial from us, jobs like BI Analyst are perfect for those who have statistics. With the right opportunities and hard work, you can hope to become a successful business intelligence Analyst.

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