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14 IT Jobs That Pay High Salaries


IT is an industry exploding with growth in recent years. There is a high demand for intelligent, well-educated, and passionate workers in this sector. Many companies are willing to offer generous salaries to attract the best talent, making this sector very lucrative. If you are looking for a high-paying job, IT is filled with them. 

IT jobs are known to be diverse, offering specialties in many areas. There is a wide range of jobs in different fields, from computer networks to robotics systems. You can build a career by specializing in a subset of IT and continually updating, upgrading, and developing your skillset. The following are some IT jobs that pay well where you can begin your career trajectory.

1. AI Engineer

An AI engineer, or AI architect, oversees AI development in various organizations. They have programming skills, understand key AI tech, and are able to work with concepts of machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning. There are various jobs in the AI category that pay exceptionally well, with this being one of the best.

2. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer work to create and optimize IT systems for various organizations. They are a combination of coding and software engineering. A DevOps engineer holds a lot of responsibility. They must be highly skilled in not only the areas already mentioned, but also security, problem-solving, and analysis.

3. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect manages an organization’s cloud computing strategy. They create the architecture, coordinate the implementation and deployment, and ensure it is running up to standard. There are lots of IT jobs in cloud computing, with cloud architect being the ultimate among most job seekers in this category.

4. Big Data Engineer

A big data engineer creates software infrastructure and data processing systems that take raw data and transform it into something actionable. Businesses and organizations of all types are collecting massive amounts of data. They need help taking this data and creating strategy and innovation from it. This is what a big data engineer is hired to do.

5. Software Architect

A software architect develops software, making design choices and using coding, tools, and platforms to deliver custom solutions. A software architect is expected to have advanced knowledge of data modelling, software architecture, programming, and analysis. Demand for software architects in IT has remained extremely high for several years and continues to grow, netting a fair salary for those in this line of work.

6. Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer is tasked with creating and implementing blockchain architecture. This type of IT engineer needs a thorough knowledge in Ripple, R3, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, and protocols in security, crypto, and other functions. It is a high-paying IT job, however, is highly competitive as well. It also necessitates an ongoing updating of one’s knowledge.

7. Database Engineer

A database engineer maintains an organization’s database infrastructure. Lots of organizations are generating large amounts of data at a fast pace. To manage high volumes of data, a database engineer must craft the right software to do it. Planning, strategy, and leadership all come into play in overseeing business-related databases.

8. Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer designs and builds APIs, prioritizing security and responsiveness. They offer front-end and back-end development, aiding in conceptualizing through to delivering the end-product. A full-stack developer is expected to have sufficient knowledge of database tech, coding, scripting, and the fundamentals of web development.

9. Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile apps remain very popular. More companies are using apps to reach users on iOS and Android. Mobile application developers are in high demand. There is a lot of opportunities to move around as a freelancer in this IT category. If you understand mobile frameworks and languages, you can very easily grow a long-term career here.

10. IoT Solutions Architect

An Internet of Things (IoT) solutions architect is perhaps the best paying job in IT. This type of IT architect oversees the strategy, development, and deployment of IoT solutions. They aid in developing an IoT ecosystem and framework, translating the needs of their clients into a customized solution. They are expected to know aspects of programming, machine learning, hardware design, and more.

11. Senior Web Developer

As much as social media has exploded, senior web developers are still needed to oversee organization’s websites and associated web-based applications. To keep a web presence consistent across all pages, this is overseen by the senior web developer. The developer also coordinates with the web admin and other stakeholders on the front-end and back-end system.

12. Information Systems Security Manager

Security is everything in a professional setting. Every minute of every business hour, new data is generated that must be kept safe and private. An information systems security manager creates and maintains the infrastructure to do that. They are expected to have knowledge of the latest security trends, security regulations, and be able to aid in acquiring security-related certifications.

13. Data Security Analyst

A data security analyst is similar to an information systems security manager in a lot of ways. The analyst examines computer and network security, targeting firewall administration, encryption, and network protocols. A data security analyst is there to improve an organization’s IT security, maintaining it, keeping it up to standard, and ensuring threats are handled swiftly.

14. Data Scientist

A data scientist is the highest paying job in IT. The growth in data science has exploded this decade. A data scientist analyzes and interprets complex data, informing their organization on key decisions. They are expected to know machine learning algorithms, data models, coding languages, analytical tools. Plus, they must have a strong understanding of business issues and business thinking.

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