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Branded Content 101: How To Work With Your Ambassadors


Making your business thrive in your respective field can be quite challenging and daunting, especially if you lack adequate knowledge about how to do so. Moreover, improving your brand reputation can be difficult without the help of brand ambassadors.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives you can use to enhance your brand influence and keep your business ahead of your competitors. This includes the use of a media sharing app and another ambassador or affiliate software. 

Ambassador Marketing: The Game-Changer In the Marketing Industry

Being in the marketing industry isn’t as easy as it may seem. You have to take into consideration various things that can affect your hard-earned brand reputation, including fierce market competition, audience reviews, and current market trends. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled brand marketer, you also need to equip yourself with sufficient tools and knowledge that would be beneficial in boosting your brand reputation. To effectively obtain your marketing goals, it’s necessary to know first what ambassador marketing is and how you can better manage its downsides. It’s also equally important to understand the role of brand ambassadors in establishing a good brand name. 

Although conventional knowledge may dictate that ambassador marketing can be easy to manage, there are other things that you must know about it. First, ambassador marketing is a distinct type of referral marketing scheme that mainly focuses on utilizing social media platforms to promote certain goods and services. Below are some more important things you should know about ambassador marketing:

Widens Mileage:

Second, ambassador marketing uses the influence of trusted brand ambassadors and superusers to widen their target reach. Brand marketers also make use of numerous marketing channels and online reviews to connect with their users and reach out to a larger target audience.

Offers More Opportunities:

One of the many good things about this marketing plan is that it paves the way for more business opportunities for marketers and business owners. Marketers also have the opportunity to strengthen brand awareness and create a prominent brand name. 

Choose Ambassadors Carefully:

As a rule of thumb, your ambassadors must have a large network of active social media followers to efficiently garner more leads or customers. You could also consider their expertise and reputation to determine if they can contribute more value to your brand. Apart from that, you must ponder upon the type of followers they have and ensure that they are part of your target market too.

If you’re planning to engage in this particular marketing approach, you must know that your entrepreneurial journey doesn’t end in attracting potential customers through brand ambassadors. You need to find a way to retain these customers and turn them into loyal patrons.

5 Ways To Work With Your Brand Ambassadors

Now that you already learn about what ambassador marketing is and their vital role in bolstering brand awareness, the next thing you need to learn is how you can effectively manage and get the most out of them. Below are a few tips to achieve this. 

Shower Them With Gift Packages  

When it comes to handling your brand ambassadors, one of the best things you can do to boost their drive is to ensure that they’re well-cared for and well-provided by your company. To do that, you may give them gift checks from your business or give them care packages to show them how important they are to your company.  

This does not just create a harmonious business relationship with your ambassadors but also makes them feel that they’re well-appreciated by your brand. If you need more convincing, care packages don’t have to be expensive. Simple gifts and appreciation packages can go a long way. 

Offer Exclusive Access To Your Products

Aside from showering them with gifts, another ideal alternative to connect with your ambassadors is to let them enjoy special deals from your company, especially if you’re launching a new product. You can consider giving them exclusive limited offers which they can post on their social media accounts. 

Through this option, your ambassadors can inform their followers about some pertinent information about your product launching, including release dates and special deals. Apart from promoting your products and services, this alternative makes for a give-and-take relationship between your company and brand ambassadors.    

Keep Them Updated About The Company

Connecting with your ambassadors does not just stop at gifts and freebies. You also have to notify them of everything they need to know about your product, including the proper use and care. You may also update them with the current status of your brand name and help them learn about the factors that can affect their responsibilities. For instance, you may notify them if your brand is having another competitor or if you’re launching a new product. 

Besides that, you may also consider sending them emails about your brand’s quarterly or annual goals and inform them of your brand’s long-term objectives. Creating newsletters for them and letting them know about these matters help them actively participate in your business’s objectives.      

Help Them Earn More

Allowing your ambassadors to earn commissions whenever their followers buy through their links or websites can help them develop a profound connection with your company. This also allows them to enjoy opportunities to create money for your business and themselves. This can be done by giving out exclusive discount codes or referral links for your ambassadors that their followers can click through.

Treat Them As A Brand Partner

Your ambassadors are not just commercial endorsers, but they are also your brand partners. One of the best ways to help your ambassadors feel special is to make them a part of your company’s purpose. Keeping them updated on your business’s goals and seeking their participation in your brand’s journey help them develop a deeper attachment. Not just that, but asking for their insights regarding your products and offering the same privileges as you would your employees may help them feel important. 


Marketing your brand through ambassadors is an effective way to raise awareness and attract new leads and customers for your products. Especially these days when people usually look up to social media celebrities and influencers for tips and recommendations, being able to partner with an effective brand ambassador can do wonders for your business. 

However, this does not mean that you can simply sign up any popular or trending personality online and make them brand ambassadors, you must still choose individuals who can add value to your brand. Aside from that, you must prioritize working well with your ambassadors as they play a vital role in your entrepreneurial journey.

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