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The world is moving more rapidly towards choosing the ‘online’ option when making purchases due to the dramatic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. There has been a massive increase in the numbers of people using digital technology and it has been adopted, and accepted, by a huge number of people. The spectacular rise in the use of digital purchasing is being reflected in the meteoric rise in a wide variety of products and services. This trend has led to a massive rise in the development and availability of software provided to be able to digitally link customers to providers at many levels. Gymcatch is a powerful and flexible fitness club management system which can provide an excellent, and affordable, interface between gym users and providers.

What can this software do?

Gymcatch delivers fitness instructor software and a booking system that will provide any gym, dance studio, or fitness club with a total solution in providing the digital interface between customers and providers. The scheduling software will enable a business to maximize revenue while providing a convenient portal for customers to book appointments with dance instructors, gym instructors, and even personal trainers. As the software is compatible with both iOS and Android digital systems it can be easily accessed through a smartphone. It can also be accessed via the internet and can be embedded into a company website or Facebook page.


The software is designed to enable easy management of bookings and payments, including card payments, and is able to schedule customers with personal trainers or to simply book single or multiple sessions. Both existing and potential customers are able to check availability and book by using the software. This software provides an affordable and powerful solution for gyms, dance instructors, and personal trainers without having to lock-in to a long-term contract while enabling customers to make payments for a single class, a monthly course, or a longer-term commitment.

Why choose this software for fitness management

Easily and quickly installed, the software provides a complete digital solution for payments and billing. The booking system can accept single sessions, packages, and courses which may be by ‘drop-in’ or on-line customers. There is the option to offer ‘trial offers’ which can be easily monitored to assess their progress and success. Unlike many similar software providers, there are no long-term contracts or excess charges for adding more users to the system. Customers can access the software using a smartphone, the internet, and a link placed on a company website or Facebook page. The analytics package within the software provides a comprehensive overview of the details of customers and instructors, such as attendance and bookings, which can be downloaded as .csv files. The fitness instructor software is able to deal with bookings and payments for both individual or group instructors.


The scheduling software is able to accept card payments while also being compatible with customers who prefer to pay cash. Customers have the option of making a single session booking or can choose multiple or ‘block’ bookings by smartphone, online, or ‘walk-in’.Fitness management has been made easy for both consumers and providers with the availability of this software. New and existing customers will find the interface easy and quick to use when booking any type of session, single or multiple.


The rapid development of the digital economy brought about or accelerated by the pandemic has led to a huge increase in the number of people becoming ‘comfortable’ with using smartphones and computers to research and make purchases online. The flexibility of the gym booking software allows the business to schedule customers and instructors and avoid ‘double booking’ situations. From a customer standpoint, the ease with which appointments can be made using the most popular smartphones, computers, and tablets means that they will be more likely to purchase a session or course at a gym or dance studio without having to physically visit the business to do so. From the business perspective, the ability to schedule one-on-one sessions with an instructor or to provide for a group event means that the software will make sure that there are no ‘glitches’. The ability to accept payments from cards and cash for online and walk-in bookings will greatly increase the customer base. The comprehensive analytics system built into the software will present the management team with all the information they need in order to provide planning for the further development of the business and to keep track of customers, trainers, and finances. The ability to provide an advanced interface for customers, the benefits of comprehensive analytics, and the lack of being locked-in to a long-term contract mean that this software is ideal for gyms, dance studios, and personal trainer businesses of all sizes.

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