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How Technology Boosts Staff Wellbeing


We’ve read and heard a million times that technology is the future of business – it helps drive productivity, growth, and analysis to a level that could only have been dreamt of in the past. But what of the more human side – the happiness and wellbeing that can be generated by the use of technology within a company? To investigate this phenomenon, and to share best practices with technology in business, this article looks into how different forms of technology used in companies can help boost employee wellbeing.

Health Apps

Some firms have certainly taken the health app a little too far – like those who were outed as pressuring their staff to make a certain number of steps each month – with the threat of disciplinary action if their Fitbit failed to show the required steps. This is clearly ludicrous, but there is a balance to be struck, and technology can indeed help people motivate themselves to have healthier lives. For instance, giving staff free access to online exercise classes, and setting aside a room in your office to have them workout in, is a great way to boost physical and mental wellbeing in your office, without pressuring staff to exercise each day.


At the beginning of the last decade, all anyone could take about was how social media was going to upend traditional communication systems, creating a new kind of society based on networked friendships and the huge wealth of contacts that one could amass online. That utopia has changed somewhat – and now, what’s replaced it is a cacophony of noise. To give your employees a more nourishing experience with the communication tech they use, create closed groups – monitored by HR – that workers can feel safe and comfortable talking within. This is how you can boost wellbeing and productivity with the very same tech.

HR Software

Within your HR team, many of the juicy rewards for employees are cooked up and served out at regular intervals. One of these is, of course, the payroll – which you can automate through advanced HR software. You’ll also find that the same software helps with Managing Employee Benefits – like the tickets you give them, the vouchers, the gym memberships, or the healthcare plans – which entice workers to appreciate your firm and to feel a certain loyalty to your brand. Manage this in-house with the right software to ensure benefits are always handed down to your staff on time.


When you’re a manager, you’re regularly talking with your workers about what’s bothering them in their jobs. And you regularly hear one thing about all else: there are problems with the software, or there are problems with the hardware. The tools with which your staff perform their jobs are incredibly important in forming their wellbeing – and if you can remove the friction and the frustration from the tools that they use – by investing in better equipment and software – you’ll be able to deliver a better working experience to all of your staff members.

Make sure that the technology you onboard into your business is always focused on productivity and wellbeing – helping staff work harder, and happier.


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