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5 Personal Finance Apps you Need to Know About

5 Personal Finance Apps you Need to Know About

Managing your finances can be a complicated affair. Having various workplace pensions, ISAs and personal or joint accounts can make it hard to keep track of your money and assess your financial health. With the UK economy still struggling and an uncertain few years ahead, it is more important than ever to understand our finances.

Just as we embraced apps for taking care of our fitness and documenting our lives, it is time to embrace finance apps. Some of the top-rated money apps can be used to monitor your personal finances with ease. From keeping track of incomings and outgoings to monitoring and controlling your savings and staying on top of loan repayments, there are apps that do it all.

These are the five personal finance apps you need to know about:

1. Emma

Designed to help you cut wasteful spending, track your debts and save some cash, Emma is touted as “your best financial friend”. Its state-of-the-art security measures are renowned among finance apps, so you can rest assured your financial data is safe. You can even set your budgets to your payday and receive detailed reports on your spending.

2. Yolt

With the stability of a well-established bank supporting it, Yolt offers its users practical advice and solutions founded in expertise. Within the app, you can access spending history charts, split bills between your accounts, and compare utility providers for the best deals.

3. Plum

Plum is a fantastic app if you are hoping to move into investing. It has an easy-to-understand investing tool for beginners and even crunches the numbers on your household bills for you. You can even set Plum to round up your debit card payments and invest your “spare change” into the funds you choose.

4. Moneyhub

As one of the early innovators of personal finance management, Moneyhub has been blazing a trail since 2009. Moneyhub is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is available for personal and business use. The app’s best features include busting complicated jargon, forecasting your financial future, and connecting you with financial experts for advice.

5. Cleo

Voted as the best money app in 2019, Cleo is a free-to-use, FCA-registered finance app targeted towards younger users. Its engaging content from financial experts, competitions, and a simple user interface make Cleo the perfect app to get to grips with your personal finances.

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