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Key Benefits Of Data Migrations Services


Migration to the cloud is the movement of data to a virtual data center of a public cloud provider.

Types Of Cloud Migration

Before starting the migration process, there are several migration paths to choose from. To summarize: choice should be done depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the infrastructure.

The choice of gradual, or partial, migration should be when a large company with an extensive infrastructure moves to the cloud. A few days to move will not be enough. In this case, a roadmap is drawn up. It indicates the critical and important services. The priority of the transfer is taken into account. It’s specified which service migrates first, which second. Some services are transferred immediately, and which can wait.

Full migration involves transferring the company’s infrastructure in a few days. Here, although there is no need to draw up a roadmap, it is still required to identify the main or critical services. In this case, a work plan is drawn up, which must be adhered to. As a rule, the procedure for such a migration takes several days.

Depending on the size of the organization and the complexity of the infrastructure, it is determined which type of migration should be chosen. In the case of small and medium-sized businesses, whose technology infrastructure is quite simple, full migration is suitable. In the case of large businesses and complex IT infrastructures, you should use the partial migration option. It is based on the principle of a sequential and gradual transfer of services with the mandatory use of a migration roadmap. Any organization embarking on the journey to the cloud has a single challenge. it’s improving the quality of services and reducing operating costs. And since most of the migration is possible without stopping the service, this is its advantage. The lack of roughness, and transparency achieved in a well-planned process of moving to a cloud platform. It makes the cloud not a solution, but a real strategy.

What Are The Benefits Of Migrating To The Cloud?

Many companies are familiar with its benefits. Here are the main ones of technology migration services:

Simple And Efficient Use Of Resources

They are allocated on-demand, in exactly the amount required at the current stage;

Transparent Tariffication Of Services

The organization pays only for the actually used resources: computing, network, storage. The company can plan costs based on business growth;

Minimum Time For IT Infrastructure Maintenance

If earlier a large staff of technical specialists was required, now the same volume of tasks is performed by 1–2 employees;

Technical Support 24/7

Cloud providers solve customer problems in real-time. In doing so, you can count on highly qualified assistance from highly specialized engineers;

Simple Migration Between Providers

At any time, you can break off agreements and transfer data and applications to competitors if they offer more benefits;

Service Mobility

In the cloud, data and services are available from anywhere in the world for both the company and its customers. This eliminates the need for complex organizational arrangements when changing a physical address;

Reducing The Risks Of Service Downtime

Cloud providers are interested in keeping client resources running smoothly and without interruptions. To do this, they invest resources (money and expertise) in the creation of reliable infrastructure, qualified engineers, make backups, and provide the data center with backup power supplies.


Clouds are expensive, and to transfer your infrastructure to cloud platforms, you need a preliminary audit of the current state and the projected growth of resources for the future. First, you need to understand for yourself whether you need the whole set of advantages of clouds or you can perform a partial migration of your services. The custom web application development services help to solve any task. A sober approach to migration will save money and hassle.

Since today many companies prefer the cloud in the IaaS model, the issue of migration to the cloud is becoming more and more urgent. Correctly chosen tactics, a predetermined strategy, and adherence to generally accepted recommendations will help speed up this process and minimize possible mistakes.

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