A good business needs good employees. Finding the right people to work at your company is one of the most important parts of managing a business and a key part of your future success. The hiring process is involved and selecting the best candidates for interviews out of the hundreds of resumes you’ve likely received is only one of the first steps in the process.

A potential hire’s resume can be well-formatted, detailed, and have exactly the qualities you’re looking for however, you need to know about the person you’re hiring and that the facts they are volunteering about their background are legitimate. A background checking company that offers various types of background checks such as education and employment verification services, an identity verification service, and even verification of criminal and civil court history can tell you the concrete facts about a potential hire.

Common Reasons To Use A Background Check Service

To Verify Education: many people go to college and most are rightly proud of their accomplishments. However, some applicants do have a tendency to embellish their educational credentials. Education verification checks will check several things about an applicant’s educational background. Items checked include attendance, graduation, their field of study, and type of degree (or degrees) earned. Plus the best applicants don’t lie about their education and verification of their honesty only makes their accomplishments more impressive.

Check Work History: a resume contains relevant work history however, many applicants may not list their full employment history due to a variety of valid reasons. In some cases, the applicant may not feel a past job is relevant to the opening they are applying for or in the bigger picture of their career. For others, it may be a matter of space because if you have a long job history or lots of experience it may not all fit on a traditional one-page resume. An employment verification service gives you the full history of an applicant’s employment history without having to ask them to type up a longer resume.

Learn Current License Status: much like education, many working professionals also have specialized licensing in their areas of expertise. A verification check can verify what licenses an applicant holds, their issue date, if the license is still active, and their license number. This allows for quick verification and can provide information an applicant may not have on hand.

A Note About Company Culture

Every company is different and each has its own unique culture and norms. Not every worker is a good fit for every company and a highly-skilled applicant may not fit due to their work habits and skill set not matching company needs. This is not a matter of fault with either side simply a bad blending of various work and personality traits. This can be frustrating for everyone involved. Certain types of background checks, such as a criminal background check or civil court checks, can provide information that lets you know someone’s history and can help indicate if they may be a fit for your company. Over the long run, this can save a good deal of time and money for not only your company but for the people you hire as well.

Final Thoughts

As the above information shows that background checks aren’t a bad thing and don’t have to be approached from a position of fear. The information provided can tell you a lot about someone you’re interviewing and can help paint a complete picture when combined with their resume, screening questions, and in-person interviews. This information clarifies and confirms a potential hire’s statements by giving the fine details and exact dates that many people overlook, for example, they may easily recall the year they graduated but not the exact date, background checking service can tell you this. This is a useful tool for better understanding the people you’re hiring.

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