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7 Characteristics of a Good IT Recruiter


Not everyone can be a good IT recruiter. It is a complicated task that requires many skills and talents.

The Information Technology job market offers many job offers. Still, there are not enough professionals to meet the demand, making it more challenging to find talent than in other industries. This, coupled with the fact that there are hundreds of companies that compete for technological talent and offer high salaries to fill their vacancies.

A good IT recruiter is able to find the technical talent your company needs quickly and efficiently even when talent is scarce, and competition is high.

So, what are the characteristics of a good IT recruiter that allow you to find the best tech talent?

1. Self-Taught

A good IT recruiter is trained and updated on the most requested technologies in the market.

You don’t wait for someone to explain to you what a technology or programming language is. Every time he gets a profile with new technology, he goes to Google to investigate. Read everything that is available on the internet: Wikipedia, blogs, articles, or any content that helps you understand the technology you are trying to hire.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

A good tech profile recruiter is able to communicate clearly. When you talk to the candidate, you tell him what the company offers the vacancy, benefits, and salary requirements. It does not lend itself to misunderstandings with the candidate.

You tell the candidate why they should work in your company and not in any other. He tells you about the organizational culture, company values, what the company does, and what is the purpose for which they are working. FALL IN LOVE with the candidate of the company and convince him to work with them.

3. Excellent Negotiation Skills

A good IT recruiter negotiates with the client and deals with the candidate.

If a client requests a vacancy with many technologies and frameworks for a low-paying vacancy, the recruiter negotiates with them and convinces them to raise a realistic vacancy. Either reduce the number of requested technologies or increase the salary of the job offer.

For candidates, negotiate a fair salary and try not to inflate the technology profile tabs within your company.

Find the midpoint where the candidate and company are satisfied.

4. Analytical

An IT recruiter must be able to define the requirements of a position to generate a vacancy that meets the needs of their client. Analyze and detect which are the indispensable technologies for the position and which would be a plus for the candidate.

When you interview an applicant, you can ask the right questions to get all the information out of them and discover their experience and technical skills.

A good tech profile recruiter analyzes the recruiting sources that bring you the most candidates, experiments with the names of your vacancies so that more candidates apply, and knows how many candidates you need to interview to find the ideal candidate.

He does all the necessary statistics for himself to analyze his process and increase his productivity.

5. Goal Oriented

The successful IT recruiter presents a shortlist of candidates who meet the profile of the vacancy on time. Well, he knows that when the company does not have the necessary talent, projects, money, and time are lost.

He is committed to delivering good results and continuing to improve.

6. Good with Social Networks

A good tech profile recruiter successfully handles social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GitHub. Well, you know that there is a large community of IT professionals in these networks who could apply to your vacancies.

He knows how to write vacancies and design images to receive more resumes on social networks. It is in all the Facebook and LinkedIn groups where there are IT professionals to publish their vacancies and find technology profiles.

 7. Proactive

When a technology recruiter is not getting many applicants for his vacancy, take action. He goes outside to find the candidate.

He asks his colleagues to recommend someone for the position, searches LinkedIn for professionals who can fill the vacancy and invites them to apply, directly calls candidates he found in his old resume portfolio, or searches the candidate database of portals to contact them.


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