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Never Underestimate 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube


Anyone who wants to make money from YouTube knows that 4000 watch hours is one of the prerequisites to enable monetization of the channel. However, you may not know that many people search to buy watch hours for many other reasons. Today’s article will talk about the benefits of buying 4000 watch hours and mention AudienceGain reviews, one of the reputable companies providing this service.

Why Watch Hours On Youtube Is So Important?

Prior to October 2012, the total number of views was YouTube’s major criterion for video ranking. However, when YouTube’s algorithm was modified later that month, view time became the most important ranking criterion.

The entire amount of time people spend watching your videos (also known as “audience retention” in YouTube analytics) is known as “watch time.” Videos that rank first in this category should, in theory, result in more overall viewing sessions. YouTube is more likely to promote your channel through search and recommended videos if you increase your watch time, which leads to more views.

YouTube explained: “Now when we suggest videos, we focus on those that increase the amount of time that the viewer will spend watching videos on YouTube, not only on the next view but also successive views thereafter.

In 2018, YouTube tightened its Partner Program restrictions and increased the standards that a channel or creator must achieve in order to monetize content. To apply for monetization (and have advertising attached to videos), creators must have accumulated 4,000 hours of total view time on their channel in the last 12 months and have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Audiencegain Reviews: Long-term Benefits Of Buying 4000 Watch Hours

Overall, AudienceGain.net provides a lot of options for customers: From 1000 to 4000 watch hours, 2 types of following subscribers, even there is a minimum package for trial. They seem to have researched quite deeply about the demands and insights of their customers.

About 4000 Watch Hours From AudienceGain

The hours they offer are not from running bots but through social media. This eligible method can be used by anyone, obviously. What’s different is that they use their own social media community to promote their clients’ videos, and clearly plan the campaign so that they can reach the target as soon as possible. They can also market your channel regardless of how short or long your videos are.

You can think of them as the marketing team that helps you promote your channel.

About 1000 Subscribers From AudienceGain

They have two separate offers for subscribers, as well as two different approaches.

  • HQ subscribers: Mainly for customers who merely wish to turn on monetization.

The subscribers aren’t the target type of the channel’s niches. They’re from AudienceGain’s user community on social media. The majority of your channel subscribers will not engage with your content, thus HQ subscribers are less expensive. Because AudienceGain.net makes sure 100% secure and consistent in quality, there will be no permanent decrease in subscribers.

  • AdWords subscribers: For YouTubers who want a higher ranking to go viral.

AdWords will be used to locate and engage the target audience in this package. This is also the way that YouTube recommends content creators should follow. Because the YouTube algorithm does not take view watch hours from AdWords for monetization, AudienceGain continues to rely on social media to collect watch hours. Buyers still have actual subscribers with this strategy.

AudienceGain reviews:

  1. You can buy this service at any time, before and after joining YPP without fear of violating YouTube policy. And its validity will keep your channel active because these are all real watch hours and real subscribers.
  2. If you lose watch hours or subscribers because of being inactive for six months, you are at risk of being demonetized. And you can still buy this service to “re-activate” your channel again.

Tips to Increase YouTube Watch Hours

In addition to buying YouTube watch hours, content creators can still gain it by themselves, but it will take more time and effort. Here are some suggestions for YouTubers:

Begin With a Fantastic Introduction

The first step is to pique your audience’s interest. Grab their attention quickly—this is something Google itself recommends. The first 15 seconds are crucial to making it happen.

  • Make the initial frame visually, personally, or with messaging compelling.
  • Speak directly to the spectator, rather than the entire audience.
  • Ask a question or do anything that will pique their interest.
  • In a brief clip, show them what they may expect.

Divide The Video Into Sections

Divide the video into sections

Chapters on YouTube, like chapters in books, make it easier for viewers to grasp what will happen next. Adding chapters based on timestamps necessitates an additional step. It is better if you read through Google’s instructions on how to accomplish it.

Investigate on keywords

Investigate on keywords

Because it’s a video, you can’t ignore the importance of keywords. Make sure to undertake easy keyword research specifically for YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine, while you build content ideas.

To understand your niche’s search interest, go to a program like Keyword Tool (change the default option to YouTube search) and type a topic similar to your specialty (i.e., keyword volume).

In Short

4000 watch hours is an important condition to satisfy thresholds, moreover, watch time also plays a role in maintaining your channel in the long run. After evaluating AudienceGain reviews, buying this company’s service is a satisfactory choice for YouTubers who want to grow their channel firmly, quickly, and in the long run.

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