Five Digital Marketing Tips To Try In 2021

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, marketing is essential to expose your brand to your potential audience. Having millions of people on social media, YouTube, and on different websites, you need to leverage digital marketing. But before launching your digital marketing campaigns, you need to have goals to achieve with your marketing efforts. Moreover, know where your target audience is found online and have a plan on how to execute your marketing strategy.

The good news is that many businesses have taken advantage of digital marketing to level up their organic leads, consequently leading to the growth of their business revenues. That said, some strategies of digital marketing seem to be loved by many online marketers.

If you want to know the trends that are flooding digital marketing, here are some things you should watch out for:

1. Personalized And Automated Email Marketing  

Before marketers realized that many people weren’t reading or responding to general emails, they’d spent a lot of money and time. Therefore, personalized emails became the game-changer. Besides crafting customized emails, you can automate them based on the schedules and triggers you set. Email marketing is efficient when you have promotional campaigns to attract new customers. Moreover, you can send emails to your existing customers to let them know of new products in your production line. Personalized emails make your customers feel unique and valued.

If you don’t have your customers’ emails, you can leverage the lead magnate strategy on your website or social media. A lead magnet is a gift one should download once they give their emails. The gift may take the form of a magazine, how-to guide, or registration for a free webinar.

2. Video Marketing

Informational and educative videos about your products and services can significantly boost the conversion rate. Additionally, they get many shares and influence how customers make purchasing decisions. Video marketing works well with content marketing. On the other hand, you can put all the information you would have written in video form. Many people find reading long texts tedious but can listen to a video clip. Additionally, sites that use videos are likely to have more organic traffic because Google recognizes video-optimized websites and pushes them up in the search results.

You can use video marketing on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use such videos in your YouTube channel as well. However, ensure that you use high-quality video. Some of the trends in video marketing include short-form videos, virtual events, live streams on mobile, shoppable videos, user-generated video content, interactive AR content, educational and online training videos.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing

If you’ve known artificial intelligence in machines that do menial tasks, well, you might have interacted with other forms without your knowledge. For instance, you might have used an AI chatbot that has helped you solve your queries on several websites and apps. Moreover, AI technology is extensively used in social media to make people stay longer by engaging them.

For instance, AI is used on Facebook to monitor users’ behavior. Depending on your searches on the platform, an AI robot aids in bringing to your screen relevant news. Additionally, depending on the information you’ve provided on your bio, it can suggest new friends, especially people you come from the same area, your work colleagues, or schoolmates. Therefore, when you’re marketing on social media, your feed can be seen by your friends because AI will deliver to them first.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality refers to a fantastic interaction of computer perception with the real-time environment. It’s made of a combination of virtual and real worlds, precise 3D registration of real and virtual objects, and real-time interaction. Even though virtual reality has been an exciting experience in marketing, it’s believed that augmented reality is unmatched. Many businesses are using this technology that can generate unique marketing content.

One of the applications of AR is from Gucci that enables customers to ‘try on’ sneakers. With this app, you can try sneakers by pointing your camera downwards on your feet, then you can swipe from the left or right to change to another pair. Additionally, you can take photos with the app to share them on social media and messaging apps. It’s expected that more brands will incorporate AR in their marketing strategies in the future.

5. Voice Search Optimization

Even though the older generation might not be aware of this service in marketing, it’s believed that more than 50% of teens today use voice search features each day. From this data, it’s evident that the use of voice search will continue to soar rather than dwindle. Therefore, if you’re operating an online shop, you can consider including this feature on your website to accommodate the younger generation who are tech-savvy. Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart speakers have been at the forefront of steering this technology. Google claims that its voice search feature gives more than 95% accuracy.

6. Programmatic Advertising

Traditionally, buying ads required human negotiation. However, things have shifted with the advancement in technology. So, programmatic ad buying comes in handy, which leverages software to buy digital advertising. This is intelligent software that uses machines and algorithms to carry out business.

With programmatic advertising, you can target a specific audience quickly, which can boost conversions and reduce customer acquisition costs. The adoption of programmatic advertising is steadily growing in the digital marketing space.

7. Chatbots

This is a leading technology that uses AI for real-time messaging to chat with your customers or visitors on your website. It can use both auditory and textual methods. With this technology, you can serve your customers 24/7, especially for simple queries that don’t need human intervention.

Chatbots come in handy for websites that experience a considerable number of visitors and customers. It helps serve all your customers at once, unlike with human customer agents. Moreover, chatbots are cost-effective since you need a few human agents to handle questions that bots can’t handle. This automated nature of customer service relieves your workers of repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on other duties, which helps improve productivity.

Wrapping Up

If you want to improve your organic leads and sales revenues, digital marketing isn’t an option. It’s good to invest in automated digital marketing strategies that allow your workers to perform other duties and boost productivity. The market value of digital marketing is believed to be worth billions of dollars. Thus, if you’re a digital marketer, you can double your efforts in helping businesses to market their products online and earn massively. On the other hand, business owners can implement the trends given in this article to grow the exposure of their brands.

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