ECommerce POS (Point of Sale) System as a Conversion Optimization Strategy

For any e-commerce site owner, driving better sales and conversion is the pivotal goal at all times. And why shouldn’t that be the case? Every business thrives at the mercy of sales and revenue. It is the volume of sales and a ton of peripheral factors that determine the sustenance of a business, time and again. 

But, if you want to increase e-commerce sales effectively, you will first have to do your homework and know what the customers want from you. We have done a part of your homework and laid out ten battle-tested strategies that will increase e-commerce sales of your site in no time. 

Improve your Page Loading Speed

With the advent of COVID-19 and its repercussions, customers have taken to shop and cart online. A vivid user will most likely browse through many pages and jump simultaneously from one category to another. 

That is when the page loading speed on your site matters. It should not take more than 4 seconds for your pages to load. Else, your users will bid you goodbye. If you have any large image files on your site, try compressing them before they go live. 

Without a fast-loading pace, you will not be able to deliver a perfect user experience to your clientele.

Real-time Personalization

Customers will stick around with your business only when they see that you do something for them that is unique, personalized and makes them feel special. Posting unnecessary and irrelevant ads, promotions, and offers will do them no good. 

You will now need to offer them a tailored shopping experience that they want to receive from you. Here, you can also take advantage of their browsing history and shopping patterns and suggest items based on their previous feed. They would love the attention anyway.

Make Your eCommerce Site Mobile-Friendly

You know that most of your customer base belongs to the millennial clan, and they would shop via their mobiles or tablets. Therefore, you must make your eCommerce website mobile responsive before you launch it live. 

Start with optimizing your mobile site and augmenting the site search process. Aside from this, see that the site loads quickly on mobile phones and the screen resolution fit any mobile device that a user can shop on.

Deploy Live Chat Options

One of the major boons of artificial intelligence and machine learning is the live chat or bot options on a site to address a customer’s instant queries. Offering a live chat option will aid in the resolution of common queries that a customer face. 

This also allows a customer support agent to deal with the rather urgent issues more cautiously, as the live chat can tackle fundamental queries that a user has. This calls for a win-win situation for both users as well as the company.

Keep up with an Easy Navigation

Your navigation on your site should be smooth as butter. No customer wants to see a super complicated navigational route to find a simple query. Logically place the different categories so that the user does not get lost halfway. 

Aside from this, make sure that your products are labeled correctly and are placed in the right column. Make it simple for a user to search for a particular query and get the relevant results in no time. This is exactly what a customer wants from you.

Add Imagery and Clear Descriptions to Your Products.

A careful customer would want to inspect a product properly before hitting the ‘buy now’ button. To counter that, make sure that you write honest and clear descriptions of your products and layout each of its specificities to have no room for confusion. 

You may hire a professional copywriter to get this done. Productive images, too, can play a crucial role in getting bought by a customer or not. You can zoom in on the different details and show your customer what they want to see.

Get your Hands on an SSL Certificate.

You can never win over the trust of your customers if you do not safeguard their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) with enough security and protection. Why should a customer do business with you when they do not have that trust in you? 

This is when getting yourself, an SSL Certificate comes in handy. This will protect their valuable data and ensure that each information byte gets encrypted before it reaches its destination. Wondering where to buy an SSL certificate? We suggest buying a cheap SSL certificate from some trusted SSL certificate providers such as CheapSSLShop, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, etc.

Build Trust and Promote Client Reviews

Most of the customers rely on reviews before they purchase a product. Reviews are a good way to know the pros and cons of a product before spending your money and buying it. And positive reviews from your satisfied customers will help you gain the trust of your prospects. 

As they are highly influential, even more than a nicely written sales copy, it tends to attract and encourage more prospects down your way. So, make sure that you give no backseats to enhancing and building the trust of your customers.

Reduce the Number of Abandoned Carts

Once customers add their selection to the shopping cart, there is little chance for them to churn away that instant. This is the most crucial aspect that you need to pay heed to. Refrain from asking too many questions or making the users go through a long and tiring registration process that is just too time-consuming. 

Here, you can allow an option for guest checkout to make the payment even without creating an account. Also, shorten your registration process and keep it as streamlined as possible.

Peruse your Payment Gateway

Let us first know what a payment gateway is. It is an online payment service that, when integrated with an e-commerce platform, helps to make and receive payments. 

As an e-commerce site owner, ensure that the transactional process is upper easy and a customer trusts your process. They should be able to give away their credit card credentials and shop seamlessly without having a reason to worry about it.

That’s a Wrap

Developing an e-commerce site is no easy task and will demand many resources, finance, and patience from you. However, we hope that these ten ways will benefit you to increase e-commerce sales of your site in no time. On that note, remember that operating an e-commerce business will need many hands to run successfully. You will have to juggle between the losses and profits and keep going on making your customers more satisfied and happier than they were before with your offerings. Therefore, make it a point to practice these ten strategies, and you are almost halfway through to a stellar e-commerce business already.

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