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Supercharge Your Netflix Streaming Experience with these 5 Tips


Ah Netflix, it’s been a great friend to us all throughout the horrors of 2020. And as we head in 2021, it looks like we’re going to be spending as much time Netflixing as we did last year. A global pandemic might be terrible for most business models, but the streaming giant reported record numbers of new subscribers

Whether you’re jumping on the Netflix bandwagon for the first time or you’re a dedicated Netflix streamer, these top 5 Netflix tips will help supercharge your experience and ensure you get the most bank for your subscription buck.  

1. Travel the world via your Netflix account

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are nifty things. Firstly, they encrypt your traffic, make your browsing activity private, and overall increase your online security. And secondly, they allow you to mask your true IP address, and therefore your real physical locations.

Using a VPN for Netflix allows you to skirt those pesky geo-blocking restrictions and stream whatever content you want from whatever country you want. For example, if you’re in the United States, but you really want to watch that weird yet funny Polynesian undertaker’s show from New Zealand, you can. Whether it’s available on US Netflix or not.

To travel the world via your Netflix account, choose a server location, connect your VPN app, then stream foreign Netflix. It’s as easy and one, two, three.

2. Party socially distanced style

Social distancing blows. It might have a very valid scientific reason behind it, but lockdowns and stay at home orders are brutal nonetheless. 

Luckily, with Netflix’s Party feature, you can Netflix and hang with your closest buddies, even if you’re in different living rooms. 

The function also means that the show or movie will stream simultaneously for all members. A handy sidebar chat feature allows you to communicate, or, get your friends on video chat while you watch.

3. Unlock the power of Netflix codes

The content you see on your Netflix home screen is compiled just for you. It’s based on shows you’ve added to your watch list and shows you have watched or otherwise interacted with. But sometimes, Netflix doesn’t quite get it right and your home page is full of the kind of stuff you do not want to see.

With Netflix codes, you can unlock the streaming platform’s full back catalog of content. And reading some of the category names is enough to keep you amused for at least 30 minutes. Consider code number 1287: Campy B-Horror Movies from the 1960s.

4. Remove your embarrassing watch history

Don’t want your partner to know you spent four hours chain watching Cobra Kai after they went to sleep? Head to Account, then Viewing History to remove all traces of your late-night activity.

5. Shuffle play

Can’t decide what to watch and you’ve now spent more than an hour trying to decide? We’ve all been there. How about letting technology do the choosing for you? With Shuffle Play, you can kick back and give your account some time to shine. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll like what it chooses, but at least the decision is taken out of your hands!

Try these Netflix tips and tricks in 2021 to boost your streaming experience. Which one is your favorite?

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